up to 22 years in jail

Cuba’s official press has reported that 203 state employees have been sentenced to between 2 and 22 years in prison for various crimes.

Crimes include embezzlement, bribery, falsification of documents, theft and damage of documents or other items in official custody, and violation of official seals. informed of Grandma this Sunday.

As described in the extensive article, guilty persons related to Havana state companies in the food, gastronomy and tobacco sectors caused “million-dollar losses” to the country through various tricks, including accounting manipulation.

A forensic audit conducted by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) of several provincial companies and food business group subordinates revealed a faulty internal control system. As a result, administrative responsibilities were identified which led to the imposition of 383 disciplinary measures.

The alleged crimes were presented to the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Justice, leading to related criminal proceedings. The above media reported that the Prosecutor’s Office supervised the investigation and brought criminal proceedings before the courts.

Sanctions for illegalities in Cuba

The sanctions imposed include deprivation of liberty for two to 22 years, depending on the proven facts.

The official newspaper stated the need for “greater rigor and consistent action in view of the lack of administrative and accounting controls”.

Likewise, he assured that these events allowed their perpetrators “to use, for their own benefit, the raw materials and goods that the government uses to feed the population.” In addition, “a large quantity of cash which had not been entered into the banking system with complete impunity, for some time, sometimes for a very long time.”

At the second ordinary period of the session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Cuban leaders affirmed that the fight against corruption, crime, illegalities and social indiscipline is “everybody’s job.” He considered it “a strategic priority” for the Party, the state, the government, and mass and social organizations.

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