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He regular urine color Varies, but is generally light to pale yellow in color. perfect pitch It depends on the amount of water you drink. Fluids dilute the yellow pigment in urine. So the more you drink, the clearer your urine will be. The less you drink, the more yellow your urine will be.

Some foods and medications can change the color of your urine.

  • foods like Beets, blackberries, and beans may cause urine to turn red or pink.
  • Some? medicines They can also give urine a bright color, such as orange or blue-green.
  • However, a abnormal urine color It may also be a sign of some health problem.
Due to dehydration the color of urine becomes dark. If it matches the first three examples, you’re hydrated. Due to the fourth tone, there is lack of water in the body and it becomes necessary to drink more water. Photo: Shutterstock
  • For example, Some urinary tract infections may cause milky white urine.
  • Kidney stonesome kind of cancer And other diseases sometimes cause urine to appear red. Blood,

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Below are some unusual urine colors and their possible causes.

When urine is red or pink

Red urine is not always a sign of a serious health problem. Red or pink urine may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Blood. Health problems that can cause blood in the urine include Expansion of ProstateNon-cancerous tumors and kidney stones and cysts.
  • Vigorous exercise can also cause blood in the urine. Blood in urine is common urinary tract infection And in kidney stones. These health problems sometimes cause pain. Painless bleeding may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as cancer,
  • Eat Beetroot, blackberry and rhubarb may cause urine to turn red or pink.

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  • Medicines. Your urine may turn red or pink if you take anti-inflammatory medications. tuberculosisUrinary tract pain or constipation.

What if urine is orange?

Orange colored urine may be due to the following reasons:

  • Medicines. medicines for constipation, as well as medicines to reduce swelling and irritation, and some Chemotherapy Urine color may turn orange due to cancer.
  • Vitamin. Some vitamins, such as A and B-12The color of urine may be orange or yellow-orange.
  • health problems. Orange colored urine may be a sign of a problem liver Or in the bile duct, especially if the stool is also light in color. dehydration Due to this, the color of urine can also become orange.

What does it mean if urine is blue or green?

  • Dyes. Some brightly colored food colorings can cause green urine. Urine may turn blue due to dyes used for some kidney and bladder tests.
  • Medicines. some medicines for DepressionThe ulcers And this acid reflux They can turn urine greenish-blue. pain medicines, Arthritis And sleep can also cause urine to become green in color.
  • health problems. a rare disease called hypercalcemia Children’s urine may turn blue due to a familial benign disease. Green urine can be caused by urinary tract infections caused by certain bacteria.

dark brown or gray urine

Brown urine can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Eat eat a lot broad beans, One type of fruit one of two aloe vera Dark brown urine may occur.
  • Medicines. Some medications can darken urine, including medications used to treat and prevent malaria and constipation. high cholesterol And tour. Some? Antibiotic medicines And Rest Urine color can also become dark due to muscle strain.

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  • health problems. certain liver and kidney disorders and urinary tract infection Due to these, the color of urine can become dark brown. This can also happen due to bleeding inside the body, which is called hemorrhage, In turn, a group of diseases that mainly affect the skin or nervous system are called genetic abnormalityCan also cause brown urine.
  • insanity workout. Muscle injury caused by overtraining may cause urine to be brown or tea-colored. Such an injury can cause kidney damage.

When urine is cloudy or opaque

urinary tract infections and Kidney stone They can make urine cloudy or opaque.

Please note that color may appear slightly different depending on the individual. For example, what appears red to you may appear orange to someone else. Talk to your healthcare team if you have any concerns, especially if there is pain or difficulty urinating. dark orange, Which may indicate that the liver is not functioning properly. (yo)

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