Venezuela: In the last minutes of registration, the opposition is being prevented from registering its candidate

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado with Corina Yoris (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Leaders close to the main opposition alliance Venezuela He registered his candidacy for the presidential elections this Monday, just hours before the closing of nominations, without leaving the coalition he leads Maria Corina Machado has announced its support.

Enrique Marquezformer rector of National Election Council (CNE) submitted its application to that body after the deadline. Meanwhile, the unitary platform remains in place last minute meetings Given the regime’s obstruction in registering opposition representative candidate Corina Yoris.

Márquez expressed after making his candidacy official, “I will ask for the vote of every Venezuelan, without considering myself the master of truth (…), because we Venezuelans are tired of egos, we are tired of ‘Messiahs.’ Are.”

The Vice President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Enrique Márquez, takes part in an interview with the EFE agency at the CNE headquarters in Caracas (Venezuela). EFE/Rainer Pea r.

The candidate also condemned the “democratic deficit” in the Caribbean country. He added, “We have to work to make up that deficit.”

He did not mention Machado.

For its part, the Unitary Platform condemned the impossibility for its candidate to enter the system to formalize the registration process.

The text published on the social network said, “The majority of people want to vote to bring change to Venezuela through the power of the vote!!”

Messages published by the Unitary Platform on its social networks

In a preview, the Venezuelan opposition’s candidate representatives for the July 28 presidential elections, Corina Yorishas announced that he has requested an extension to be able to register his candidacy before the National Electoral Council (CNE). Inability to access the application system.

The registration period ends this Monday.

“We made the request through a letter, which despite all efforts could not be delivered personally, but was sent digitally, to be able to enter the system and register,” Yoris explained in a published interview. An extension of being.” Kokuyo effect.

The communication sent to the CNE requested three more days until March 28 to be able to “correct the factual and legal violations that occurred in the process.” “Proceed with the application” which has been “impossible” for them.

Thus they believe that “constitutional rights have been violated,” such as “the right to participate in public affairs either directly or through elected representatives.”

However, the President of CNE, elvis amorosohas confirmed that the application process ends this Monday. According to the Venezuelan press, the CNE announced shortly after Maduro presented his document, “Today, the participation of organizations with political objectives in presenting their candidates ends.”

CNE President Elvis Amoroso has confirmed that the application process ends this Monday (EFE/Reiner Peña R.)

The opposition candidate pointed out that “entry is not restricted because Corinna Yoris has been disqualified,” as is the case with her predecessor in the candidacy. Maria Corina MachadoBut rather “Access to any card you wish to use is blocked.”

He said, “We are not going to leave the electoral path, you can be rest assured, if anyone leaves the path, it will be from the other side.” Not us,” he insisted.

Furthermore, Yoris has expressed his desire to “return the baton” to Machado. “Here we have to win the race and if to stay in the race one has to hand over the baton to the other, then it has been done.”

Along the same lines, the candidate of the Communist Party of Venezuela-Dignidad (PCV-Dignidad), manuel isidro molinaEven after being entrusted with the representation of the PCV by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), he has not been able to finalize his candidacy. henry mercury,

PCV-Dignidad has opted to try to register its candidate for the election through New Vision for My Country (NUVIPA), an organization enabled by the CNE, but this has not been possible.

Molina posted on his social network account

So far, 30 political parties have been able to present candidacies, supporting ten candidates, including the current Venezuelan leader. Nicolas Maduro, He has also registered Luis Eduardo Martínez, Daniel Ceballos, Antonio Acarri, José Brito, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Javier Bertucci, Claudio Fermín, Benjamin Rousseau and Luis Ratti.

(With information from Europa Press)

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