Venezuelan worked in a supermarket and kidnapped his boss

Rafael Ángel Carrillo Rodríguez, detained in Venezuela, admitted his participation in the kidnapping of Javier Mosqueda and was convicted

Rafael Angel Carrillo Rodriguez arrived in Argentina from Venezuela. Shortly after arriving, he settled in a pension in Quilmes, located near a supermarket, where he got a job as a stocker. Then he resigned, he wanted to become a private security guard and then he got interested in cryptocurrency business. In October 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he participated in the hijacking of the supermarket that employed him. He was the brain behind the plan. Before they could catch him, he fled to his native country, where he was eventually arrested. Although his extradition was requested, it never materialized and, after admitting his participation in the kidnapping and imprisonment of Javier Moscuza, he was sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison.

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This was reported to LA NACION by sources familiar with the punishment imposed on Carrillo Rodriguez. Meanwhile, next Tuesday the Federal Oral Court (TOF) No. 2 of La Plata will begin to judge four other alleged participants in the forced kidnapping: Jean Carlos Rivero Márquez and Junior Argentis Paz Peña, Jesús Teodosio Ramos Paz, of Venezuelan nationality. A Peruvian-born drug smuggler, and Matias Avellaneda. The Public Ministry will be represented by Prosecutor Rodolfo Molina.

The victim was kept hostage for five days. The nightmare ended for Moscuza when his brother made four transfers of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, worth $65,000.

This was an unprecedented case in the history of kidnapping for extortion in Argentina. Not only because the ransom was paid in cryptocurrency, but because the extortion communications were made from Colombia via WhatsApp.

After that nightmarish experience, the supermarket owner, his wife and children left Argentina. Now he lives abroad.

After admitting his responsibility in the criminal scheme, Carrillo Rodriguez was sentenced to 13 years and four months in prison for the crimes of kidnapping and “illegally possessing a firearm,” judicial sources told LA NACION.

When Moscuza met him, Carrillo Rodríguez lived in a boarding house located near his supermarket in Quilmes. They employed him as a stocker from September 6, 2017 to July 31, 2018. “As an employee I can’t say anything, he got the job done,” the businessman recalled.

He stopped working for Moscuza because he wanted to get a job as a private security guard. Carrillo Rodríguez completed procedures at the National Agency for Controlled Materials (ANMAC, formerly Renner) to become a legitimate user of firearms. According to Moscuza, he obtained the permit.

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