Very bad news for fans

Following the success of the first film, Robert Pattinson’s role in The Batman 2 is clearly on the horizon. But it is not that The Dark Knight will return to theaters tomorrow…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film The Batman 2 was the subject of a (very) long delay. The blame is primarily attributed to the consequences of the equally lengthy writers’ strike. We’re checking with our bat-computer.

The theatrical release of The Batman 2 shook up

The new reboot film The Batman, released two years ago, left a good impression. Robert Pattinson was quite impressive in the role of an “early” Dark Knight, but with deep cutting skills. This vision of Matt Reeves for the best detective in the world left room for another trilogy like the works of Christopher Nolan. Batman 2 was therefore obvious and should have been released quite logically in 2025. But that was before.

The Hollywood Reporter has actually discovered that Warner Bros. has made significant changes to its plans for films to be released under its label in the coming years. The screenwriters’ strike that rocked Hollywood from May 2 to September 27 also disrupted the American giant’s plans to a great extent. So, instead of releasing on October 3, 2025, Batman 2 is moving towards releasing on October 2, 2026. The shower is quite cold for fans, and especially those involved in this sequel.

batman spin-off
Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman was quite impressive. © Warner Bros.

, Good night, Batman! ,

In the history of superhero movies, there will never be a longer wait between two episodes of the same series. Especially since actor Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves have apparently signed on for a trilogy. The staff is hopeful that we won’t have to wait another four years between Batman 2 and the final episode. The idea of ​​portraying a young Dark Knight would no longer be as credible.

Matt Reeves won’t have time to get bored in any situation. In late 2024, we’ll actually be entitled to a spin-off series centered on Colin Farrell’s penguins airing on Max. At the same time, another series focusing on Arkham Asylum is also in the works. A chance to see Poison Ivy starring a very determined Karen Gillan?

Batman: The Penguin Series Trailer Released, It Looks Heavy
Meanwhile, we’ll soon be able to see Colin Farrell’s excellent performance as the Penguin! © Warner Bros.

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