“Very difficult for him”, his loved ones broke their silence

For almost a year now, Rumors of infidelity on the part of Benjamin Millepied Made headlines continuously in the media. The rumors also foreshadow the tension within the couple that the choreographer created with Natalie Portman, as explained People, The actress had also stopped wearing her wedding ring, which further fueled the rumours. After all it was last July The actress officially filed for divorce, which was finalized just last month in France, is home to the actress and her ex-husband, as well as their two children, Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 7. If the media have regularly mentioned marital problems for almost a year, Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have always knew how to be especially discreet Regarding his personal life. However, a source close to the couple said People He It was separation “very difficult“For the actress, ,At first it was very difficult for him, but his friends united to help him overcome this crisis.“The source also revealed that Natalie was dating Portman.”It was indeed a difficult and painful year, but she came out of it stronger and found happiness in her family, her friends, and her work.,

The priority for Natalie Portman is the well-being of children

Despite the stresses they could face, Natalie Portman and Benjamin (…)

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