Victor Font’s plans with Barcelona include Pep Guardiola

Victor Font has Pep Guardiola’s plans with Barcelona for a possible candidacy in 2026.

Barcelona — Victor FontThe candidate who lost the election for the presidency of Barcelona in March 2021 jon laporta He appeared again on the club scene this Tuesday, receiving the support of almost 17 thousand votes, and indicated his intention to run in the 2026 elections (“If they were tomorrow I would definitely run”). , he once again disqualified the current president’s management and announced that if he would contest and win the election pep guardiola “Could range from a managerial position to a position in grassroots football.”

,(Joan) Laporta He arrived at a critical moment, with a devastating legacy… but he presented no feasibility plan, no income plan. Nothing. His only bet was the Super League. Putting water in the tank is a gamble, nothing more. And the situation has not improved” the businessman revealed Victor Fontrevealed in an interview with catalunya radioWhich has not “yet” defined whether it will run in the 2026 elections or not.

“It will depend on the context in which we find ourselves… But, of course, if the elections were held tomorrow I would certainly present myself because of the diagnosis we have about the club and the solutions we need.” “I think they fit in very well. Everything we’ve been working on for a long time.” alert Victor Font, “If I run, the objective will be to protect the ownership model and win the Champions (League) because the model of the 80s no longer works,” he summarized.

,(Joan) Laporta, Yes, I’m sure he will come because his life is Barça” he ventured. Victor Font, saying that he would not face them again “if all the solutions the club needed were made in all areas: social, economic, sporting… when things are done well results come but that is not what is happening.” And “During these three years the club has lost talent.” “There is no executive structure and a CEO is needed. To preserve the ownership model the club and its management model would have to change. Managers need to formulate strategic lines and leave the day-to-day work to people who know how. ” informed of Victor Font,

,(Joan) Laporta Had to choose between (Lionel) Messi and Florentino (Perez)…and he chose Florentino (Perez), most trusted person florentino perez It was he who advised Barcelona on the leave issue and then signed with Sixth Street, an operation similar to CVC.

I do not like it Anas Lagharimost trusted man of Florentino (Perez)Be the one who gave advice to Barça” he said.

To (Victor) Font were also asked about Javi, his initial move to control the game structure, and ensure that coaches, under his approach, made more sense. Furthermore, he also denigrated the current structure of (Joan) Laporta: “I don’t know who is the technical secretary of Barça. So that I can understand, there is no one Tixiki (Begirestan) With a long time laying and that is why we are happy with the diagnosis made at that time.

“The figure of the coach is important, but he is part of a system,” he decried. “And we must start with the basics. We have spent 43 million euros on Oriol Romeu and Vitor Roque… and they do not play. Are.” It is time to leave the presidential model behind. I want to create conditions so that anyone who wants a club can live there. And (Pep) Guardiola This can range from managerial positions to positions in grassroots football. “I talk to them often, but not about 2026,” he observed.

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