Video – When Pierre Garnier played Justin Bieber: Helen Mannarino reveals the secrets of the star AC winner

The winner of “Star Academy” was the guest of “Bonjour! La Matinale TF1” this Thursday, February 8.
Columnist Hélène Mannarino reveals the singer’s little secrets in her column “L’Oil d’Hélène”.

Music has always been Pierre Garnier’s passion. The winner of season 11 of Star Academy was the guest of “Bonjour! La Matinelle TF1” this Thursday, February 8. An opportunity for Helen Mannarino to reveal Norman’s little secrets in the column “L’Oil d’Hélène”.

We learned that at age 3, Pierre watched a Led Zeppelin DVD while shirtless, wearing a broomstick like a guitar. That same year, the little boy stayed glued from 10 pm to 1 am in front of a gypsy jazz group that came to play in his small town of Villedieu-les-Poels, while other children ran everywhere.

As a teenager, Pierre was so clumsy that he was nicknamed Pierre Richard, in reference to the star of Francis Weber’s films. If his guitar is never far away, the future singer leaves hard rock for pop and the songs of Justin Bieber, whose famous tunes he plays. Not a very distant time, a photo of which the columnist had already obtained in the legend, as you can discover in the video above,

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