Vithas Cancer Institute is strengthened with Lisardo Uguidos

Lisardo Uguidos de la Varga is the new director of Clinical Research at Vithas Cancer Institute (IOV) In Madrid, which brings together the group’s three university hospitals in the region:

  • vithas madrid arturo soria
  • Vithas Madrid La Milagrosa
  • Vithas Madrid Aravaca

IOV is part of the Group’s healthcare strategy based on the Special Institute Model and includes Cardiovascular (ICV) and for that Neuroscience (INV), A model featuring networking, multidisciplinary support from leading experts in each field Research and teaching that adds value to health care processes.

Uguidos will direct IOV’s research activity in Madrid, drawing on his long experience in this field. “One of the main objectives of Vithas Cancer Institute “Through Vithas’ three hospitals in Madrid, the aim is to offer a first-class infrastructure and become a reference in the inclusion of diagnostic tests and treatments,” he says.

Furthermore, the new director states that IOV’s research will focus on all types of tumor Different patient profiles “focus particularly on older people, who are more limited and restricted access to new treatments”, he assures.

At the level of healthcare, the incorporation of Uguidos is leading Thoracic Tumor Unit and of Head and Neck (ENT)Vithas reinforces the coverage of the most frequent pathologies carried out by the IOV of Madrid through:

  • unit of digestive tumors And musculoskeletal director Jesus Rodriguez Pascual
  • unit of breast tumor And gynecologyheaded by juan diego rodriguez castaño
  • unit of urological tumors, cutaneous and of Central Nervous System (CNS)led by juan jose serrano domingo

for its part, David BoulenasCorporate Director of Withas Support, Quality, Learning and InnovationClaims that “This reinforcement comes to strengthen the institute, strengthening both the department of head and neck pathology, of which Dr. Uguidos is a reference, and the research part to which he will contribute his extensive experience.”

Oncological career of Lisardo Uguidos

Lisardo Uguidos has a degree in Medicine Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Doctor of Medicine from CEU San Pablo University, as well as specialist in oncology, in particular, in the following areas:

  • lung cancer
  • head and neck cancer
  • immunotherapy
  • molecular target
  • oncogeriatrics
  • clinical trials

In the professional field, he has completed his residency Ramon Y Cajal University Hospital (Madrid) and Fellowship in Translational Oncology Houston Methodist Hospital (USA), is developing biomarker projects. Later, he worked as a paramedic hospital clinic (Barcelona) and as head of the Head and Neck Cancer Unit of HM Hospitals.

In the academic and research field, Uguidos is a full professor at the Faculty of Health-science from Camilo José Cela University and President of tomakakuMultidisciplinary Collaborative Group on Head and Neck Cancer composed of a hundred experts community of madrid and of castilla la mancha,

Additionally, he has been the principal investigator in more than 20 clinical trials and sub-investigator in more than 50 clinical trials related to immunotherapy. targeted treatment,

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