Vladimir Putin: ‘World War III will be one step away’

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, will remain in the Kremlin until 2030 after achieving it biggest election victory Since he came to power, a mandate that will allow him to continue military operations ukraine and your current pulse West,

Putinattained the age of 71 87.2% The number of votes cast over three days of voting in the eighth presidential election in history, ten points higher than in 2018 (76.5). Russia From 1991,

The conflict between Russia and NATO would be one step away from “World War III.”

On the other hand, Vladimir Putin This Sunday condemned that the soldiers of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (a coalition of countries in Europe and North America) are already fighting ukraine And they die “in large quantities” on the battlefield.

He said, “Soldiers from NATO countries are present there. We know this.” Putin At a press conference after winning the presidential election.

He assured that Russian soldier they hear them speaking French and in EnglishWhich, he said, “is not good at all, mainly for them, because they die (…) and they do so in large numbers,” he said.

as far as a potential conflict between Russia And the Atlantic Alliance responded that “anything is possible in today’s world.”

“Everyone understands this This will keep us one step away from a full-scale World War III., “I don’t think anyone’s interested in that.”

He also did not deny this Russian army have to make one “Sanitation Area” In the area under the control of (security zone) Kyiv in the north-eastern region of Kharkiv To reduce attacks against Russian territory.

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