Walmart Offers Buchanan Whiskey With Free Thermal Glass

For many people, the weekend is the perfect time to think when going out and shopping at the supermarket and if you are already preparing your list of essentials, including food and hygiene or beauty products, you will be able to enjoy those fun moments. should not be forgotten and some should be added drink To enjoy your next meetings. That’s why today we share with you a super Proposal Which you should not miss and it also includes Gift,

it’s about a buchanan’s whiskey, one of the classic drinks that cannot be missing in any home, because with its flavor you can prepare a long list of cocktails, allowing you to please your tastes and also ensure that You and your guests enjoy a unique gathering. But the novelty of this drink is that it is on sale, at least in stores. wal-martSo run for it!

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You can prepare your favorite drink. (Photo: Pexels)

price of buchanan whiskey 750 ml

Through your website, wal-mart announced bottle of Buchanan Deluxe 12 Year Old Whiskey 750ml It’s on discount, so for 879 pesos, the regular price, you can get it for a limited time 745 mexican pesos, That is to say, if you shop today you will be able to save more than a hundred pesos, which comes like a gift to your wallet in the middle of the January slump.

It should be noted that this promotion is not only for luxury discounts, but you will also get a discount Gift, something that you should not miss and that will undoubtedly serve you in the future. So invest your money and take the opportunity to take home a bottle of this alcoholic beverage, plus you will also get a special drink glassalso know as thermosIn green and with the seal of Buchanan.

Don’t miss this opportunity. (Photo: Walmart)

And you, will you take advantage of this super? limited sale, If the answer is yes, then visit the official site wal-mart Or visit your nearest store to get this drink scotland And with flavors that include a mix of chocolate, orange and smoky notes. Well, all of this makes it the ideal marinade for fresh dishes like ceviche, but also for other fruits rich in citrus.


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