“We can’t pretend to be good if we live a life completely opposite to the one we were meant to live.”

Personal trainer and founder of XST, he focuses on conscious breathing, postural alignment and smooth, fluid and non-epic movement based on the basic patterns of our ancestors.

He’s from Bilbao, but he looks like he’s from another planet. there is no television “For pure mental hygiene.” Every morning, the day begins Meditating And it accepts, since eliminated gluten Because of her diet, it has changed her character too (for the better).

Facing the axioms of ‘no pain, no gain’ and ‘impossible is nothing’, personal trainer and founder of XST, Xabier Sanchez, focuses on Conscious breathing, posture alignment and gentle movement, Without liquid and ‘epic’, Based on the original patterns of our ancestors. “I advocate a Holistic and comprehensive vision of health, which is nothing more than understanding what are mother nature rules Try to live according to them”.

It’s like following the rules of a game. “Every day, the sun rises and sets. And, in the end, if we We adapt our internal clock to the day and night cycleWe eat natural food, yes let’s go what we are owed and above all, if we dedicate a full attention Whatever we do, the body works.

Something, apparently, simple, but in practice, it could not be further from our current lifestyle. “Man has a great fundamental wound, that is disconnection from nature, When we are part of it, we turn our backs on it.”

In this polarized world, Sanchez points to the cohabitation of two opposing tendencies. “While a section of society is pulling very strongly towards more technical lifeis about the other return to its origins, My vision is not on either of the two poles, but somewhere in between. There are extraordinary things in modern life, but I believe that leaving aside the norms of that primitive existence, it’s making us sick,

His argument is irrefutable. “If we can’t pretend to be okay We were created to live a life completely opposite to the one we live“Our bodies are not designed to sit more than eight hours a day; it’s another matter if we do. Nor are we designed to be in a permanently alert state.”

And, ultimately, it causes a destructive chain reaction. “The fact that humans have become ‘addicted’ to Being in constant ‘escape mode’ This goes against our own nature and harms vital functions such as breathing, digestion or relaxationWhich, obviously, are not designed to be forced to carry out their mission in any scenario permanent warning,

We have no middle ground and either we do not reach or we pass through three cities even in our ‘sports feats’. “This restlessness of the body comes from the mind. It’s a reflection. We’re a society that does that.” Recreate yesterday and ‘travel’ to tomorrow without stopping in today, Since we are little we have been ‘programmed’ this way and all this produces is complete separation With the present moment.”

As if that wasn’t enough, “We grow up with the idea that we are never good enough, Instead of letting us ‘be’, instead of valuing ourselves for the ‘simple’ fact of existing, they put pressure on us to ‘be what we are going to be’. It’s a wound we carry throughout our lives as adults and it’s what keeps us alive constantly looking for approvalThat they love us.”

We think, he adds, that “if we have a good salary, an expensive car or six-pack abs, the group will accept us and we won’t feel alone. But, in reality, what makes us feel good is is quite the opposite; he People around us accept us and love us as we are“, that they don’t judge us, that they let us be ourselves.”

Escaping this unbearable fire of vanity, in his opinion, involves “doing introspective work that leads us to find within ourselves the driving force of our actions. Take care of yourself, because We love our body and our health,

And, of course, stop turning our backs on nature once and for all. «Even in a big city like Madrid, you can live according to the laws of nature, You only need one thing: to want. Actually it doesn’t seem that simple.


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