What happens if you don’t eat breakfast? Health Results You Need to Know

The United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) warns that skipping meals, including breakfast, can lead to weight gain, which can affect body function (illustrative image Infobae)

He Breakfastbeing done the first meal of the dayis considered one of the most important moments in terms of impact Health And this welfare Normal according to experts. is that it not only provides energy requirement for the body during the first hours of the day, but it is also an opportunity Consume essential nutrients.

In many cases with this idea reduce weightwho is there They skip breakfast and start the day without eating. However, to challenge this notion it suffices to refer to the recommendations of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

“Some people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight. but a Healthy Breakfast Rich in fiber and low in fat, sugar and salt may be part of it balanced diet And can help you get the nutrients you need for good health,” they report.

Meanwhile, the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) emphasizes that “skipping meals can lead to weight gain,” and they call for “eating breakfast every day,” as it gets the body going.

The importance of breakfast lies in its vital role for health and general well-being, by providing essential energy and nutrients to the body during the first hours of the day (Illustration Image Infobae)

In 2023, a study conducted by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai suggested that He Fastwhich often results from skipping meals such as breakfast, can have a detrimental effect on fighting infections and increase Risk of heart disease. The findings of this research have been published in the journal disease resistance, Highlight how skipping meals negatively impacts the immune system through the brain’s response, which in turn negatively impacts immune cells.

The specialty of this study, focused on mice, is that it is one of the first studies to demonstrate the negative consequences of fasting on health, in particular, how it alters the activity and lifespan of monocytes. (NDER: type of immune cell that is formed in the bone marrow and travels through the blood to the body’s tissues, where it becomes a macrophage or dendritic cell, depending on NIH). “We have identified a fasting-induced change in leukocyte migration that prolongs monocyte lifespan and alters disease susceptibility in mice,” the authors highlight.

And they added: “Fasting during the active phase induced a rapid return of monocytes from the blood to the bone marrow.” Such migration is key to understanding how fasting compromises the body’s ability to fight infection. This observed effect on their ability to respond to health threats underscores the importance of regular nutrition as an essential part of disease prevention.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that people who perform physical activity in the morning should consume carbohydrates with their breakfast to improve performance and avoid feelings of fatigue during exercise (Illustration Image Infobae)

The UK NHS suggests that “a low-sugar whole grain cereal topped with semi-skimmed milk and chopped fruit is a tasty and healthy breakfast.”

In the meantime, the NIH suggests that, if you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to cook, “you can grab something on the go, like a piece of fruit and a slice of whole-wheat bread”; Or, if there’s more room for breakfast, an alternative is “a cup of low-sugar whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, and a sliced ​​banana on top.”

expert of Mayo ClinicFor your part, take a deeper look at those who do physical activity in the morning: “If you exercise in the morning, wake up early enough to finish breakfast at least an hour before your workout. You should be well fed before you start training. Studies show that eating carbohydrates in food or drinks before exercising can improve training performance and allow you to train longer or at more intensity. If you don’t eat, you may feel sluggish or dizzy while exercising.”

“If you plan to exercise within an hour of breakfast, eat a light snack or drink something like a sports drink. Focus on carbohydrates for maximum energy. Good breakfast options include cereal or whole grain bread, low-fat milk, juice, banana and yogurt,” he adds to the unit.

According to recommendations from the UK NHS (Illustrative Image Infobae), a complete and healthy breakfast might include low-sugar whole grain cereal with semi-skimmed milk and fruit.

On the other hand, in their Healthy Recipes section in MedlinePlus, the online information service provided by the United States National Library of Medicine, they recommend it. burritos, Which are cooked in the following ways:


-4 eggs.

-One-fourth cup fat-free or 1% milk.

– Salt, black pepper and chili powder as per taste.

-One spoon vegetable oil.

-Four flour tortillas (10 inches in diameter).

-One cup fat-free refined beans.

-Half cup gratin cheddar cheese.

-One chopped tomato..

wash your hands with soap and water. Mix eggs, milk and seasoning in a bowl. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat (176°C on an electric grill). Add eggs to the pan. Stir and cook until firm. Warm the tortillas on the comal or wrap them in aluminum and warm in the oven. Heat refried beans in a separate pan. In each tortilla, place a quarter of the refried beans, egg, cheese and tomato. Roll up the burrito, cut in half and enjoy. Refrigerate leftover food within two hours.

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