What is facial harmony and what are its benefits, which is so fashionable?

Although he breast augmentation and droopy eyelid lift are the most popular beauty treatments in Spain, Facial contouring is one of those touch-ups that is gaining more prominence At the last moment.

provides patients with a “Good Face” Effect Without Surgery,

And its popularity comes hand in hand with social media filters, which have completely disrupted our concept of beauty. People More and more young people are entering the world of aesthetic medicineEven though they don’t have to do so because of their age.

As explained ,Health Guides’ Dr. Susan DiazFacial Surgeons and Aesthetic Therapists:

  • “The harmony of the face is Set of procedures aimed at improving the overall appearance of the face Balancing its characteristics and proportions.

Has attained using non-surgical methodsAs hyaluronic acid one of two neuromodulatorsamong others.

  • Neuromodulators are botulinum toxin For example, treating wrinkles in the upper third of the face, as they block the muscles.

  • He hyaluronic acid, On the other hand, it is used as a filling.

Facial harmony affects emotional well-being

“It’s not just about symmetry and balance,” the expert emphasizes. ,The patient’s self-esteem increases as his appearance improves., There are people who arrive with a Depression “And thanks to the treatment they come out of it, because they feel better about themselves after it’s been put in.”

  • “We understand that aesthetic therapy can improve people’s self-esteem, but always with its appropriate use and without exaggerated features, which are what many filters on Instagram and other social networks do.”

Moreover, from a scientific perspective, “it is more than proven.” Hyaluronic acid, neuromodulators and most aesthetic medical products also have anti-aging effects., “They prevent wrinkles from appearing early.”

“To see myself better”

Facial contouring can be a complementary treatment to surgery In those who do not want to resort to harmonizing their face with surgery.

Dr. Diaz explains that “some of the people I perform rhinoplasty ultrasonic They also say to adjust to your face to look better with yourself.”

  • “For example, some people may want to enlarge the lips a bit or highlight the chin or cheekbones of facial features. It is a reconciliation that is performed with hyaluronic acid, with which the result of this surgery can be greatly enhanced by achieving global beautification.

Facial harmony: age restrictions and who is a candidate

And as we have already mentioned, more and more young people are turning to aesthetic medicine to get touch-ups to improve certain aspects of the face or body.

Therefore, although There is no age restriction in facial harmonyDr. Susan Diaz is clear:

  • “For my morality I’m not going to do it with a 15 or 18 year old. He wants to look like an Instagram filter, because to me that’s something that doesn’t make any sense.”

This beauty treatment is not determined by skin type, but by skin aging. “This will be taken into account when deciding what type of treatment to do and what not to do.”

  • “For example, For excessively wrinkled dry skin, neuromodulators and biostimulating hyaluronic acid would be ideal.which do not give volume and stimulate the cells themselves so that they themselves produce collagen“, which is the molecule of youth.”

  • “This type of hyaluronic Makes skin more youthful, glowing And some, the most powerful, also provide a lifting effect.”

Does it replace plastic surgery?

AndThis is an alternative treatment For those who are “candidates.” Balance your face with non-permanent absorbent products,

We are talking about two treatments:

  1. surgery is permanent

  2. harmony is a cure with absorbent materials, so it is not certain,

“The important thing is to determine whether a person is a candidate for which treatment. For example, for patients who have permanent facial infiltration, infiltration with hyaluronic acid is not recommended.

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