What you should eat every morning to boost your motivation and control stress

To start the day off well, you need a good diet, physical activity and proper sleep hygiene. Among the foods that should be part of breakfast Curd It contains very useful protein for humans and has higher digestibility than milk.

as they explain eva marx-lopesIn an article by the dietitian-nutritionist at the University of Zaragoza Spanish Heart FoundationYogurt is milk fermented by the action of specific lactic acid bacteria that partially convert lactose into lactic acid, with the coagulation of its proteins increasing its stability. The nutritional composition of different yogurts can vary, depending on the type of milk used (whole or skimmed) and the ingredients added to the yogurt.

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To study the benefits of yogurt, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine set out to find out how. lactobacillus, A bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt helps the body stress control and can help prevent depression and anxiety,

Conclusion, published in brain behavior and immunity, They open the door to new treatments to treat anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

New research from alban gaultier, from UVA, and its colleagues is notable because it points to the role of Lactobacillus, distinguishing it from all other microorganisms that naturally live in and on our bodies. These organisms are collectively known as the microbiota, and scientists are increasingly trying to target them to fight diseases and improve our health.

“Our discovery shows how gut-resident Lactobacillus affects mood disorders by adjusting the immune system,” Gaultier said in a statement. Our research could pave the way for the discovery of much-needed treatments for anxiety and depression.

Our intestines naturally harbor countless bacteria, fungi and viruses. There are more microorganisms living in and on us than there are cells in our bodies, however, scientists have been studying and confirming for years how these tiny organisms and their infinite interactions affect our immune system, our mental health, and the health of many Are fundamental. Other aspects of life. Our well-being.

Changes in the microbiota, whether caused by disease, poor diet or other causes, are known to contribute to many diseases and even help spread cancer.

Early attempts to manipulate gut flora with beneficial bacteria called probiotics have produced mixed results. Much of the problem has been the enormous complexity of the microbiome.

Gaultier and his team took an innovative approach to focus specifically on lactobacilli. Previous research from Gaultier’s laboratory had suggested that Bacteria can relieve depression In laboratory rats, an extremely promising finding. But researchers need to understand how. “We knew from our previous research that Lactobacillus was beneficial in improving mood disorders and was lost after psychological stress, but the underlying reasons were not clear, primarily due to the technical challenges associated with studying the microbiome.”

Gaultier and his team decided to continue their research on depression using a collection of bacteria known as the Altered Schaedler Flora, which includes two strains of Lactobacillus and six other bacterial strains. With this underutilized bacterial community, the team was able to create mice with and without Lactobacillus, avoiding the need for antibiotics.

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Gaultier and his colleagues were able to explain how lactobacilli affect behavior and how a lack of the bacteria can increase depression and anxiety. They found that lactobacilli of the Lactobacillaceae family maintain levels of immune mediator called interferon gamma Which controls the body’s response to stress and helps avoid depression.

Researchers set to develop new ways to prevent and treat depression and other mental health conditions lactobacillus plays an important role. For example, patients struggling with depression (or at risk for it) could one day take a specially formulated probiotic supplement that would optimize their Lactobacillus levels.

«With these results, we have new tools to optimize probiotic developmentWhich should accelerate the discovery of new treatments,” the researcher said. “Most importantly, we can now discover how to maintain healthy levels of Lactobacillus and/or interferon gamma to prevent and treat anxiety.” How can the investigation be done? And depression.

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