When Cillian Murphy was injured by Emily Blunt’s gift…

Did you know that it took Oppenheimer only two months to make the film? Too little time for a $100 million blockbuster! But as we found out this summer, it didn’t hurt the film’s quality. This also didn’t stop the actors from forming a strong bond.

Some people even gave each other small gifts, as Emily Blunt demonstrated.

oppenheimer credit
oppenheimer credit

The actress, invited to the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live with Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr., shared a funny anecdote on this topic. He said that he had given Cillian Murphy a pillow, but he did not expect that his co-star and friend would be hurt by it.

A nice pillow…

Oppenheimer’s two months of filming must have been intense. So much so that Emily Blunt thought it would be nice to give Cillian Murphy a good pillow so that he could rest completely in the evening after a hard day of filming. A very soft and fluffy gift, not at all something you would hurt yourself with! Yet this is what happened to Cillian Murphy…

As reported by Screen Rant, Emily Blunt said that she accidentally broke her head on her bedside table while trying to bounce a pillow that Blunt had given her. The result: Cillian Murphy had to have his stitches taken out by the film’s make-up artist the very next day before a new day of filming! Rest assured, the injury was not serious. Both actors talked about it with a lot of humor during their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Oppenheimer, big BAFTA winner!

If Oppenheimer is on its way to making a splash at the Oscars, the film premieres at the BAFTA Film Awards this Sunday, February 18. Nominated for thirteen awards, the biopic won seven: Best Film and Best Director, but also a Best Actor award for Cillian Murphy and a Best Supporting Actor award for Robert Downey Jr.

See you tonight, March 10-11, to learn about the awards Oppenheimer will win at the Oscars.

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