When will it come to your mobile?

Android 15 will have two preview versions and four betas for developers before the final version arrives

This is the Android 15 update schedule: when will it arrive on your mobile?
Logo of Android 15, the new version of Google’s operating system

Android 15 is now official. With the arrival of the first preview version for developers, which can be installed from today on compatible devices, Google begins a program lasting several months, during which it will work on its development. The next big update to your operating system,

He The release of the final version of Android 15 is still far away, It is quite possible that you will have to wait until the phone receives the update first end of the third quarter of the yearor early trimester until it can be established.

Until that time comes, we will witness its arrival various intermediate versions which will shape the fixed version Various changes and improvements, Let’s see how many updates we can expect from them.

Android 15 is planned as follows: two “developer previews” and four betas

As with the launch of each first developer Preview Google has also released its planning regarding the new version of Android. Thanks to that, we know this There will be two previous versions for developers, The first, launched on February 16 and the second, will arrive in March.

android 15 update schedule

Android 15 Preview Program Update Schedule

once the period is over developer PreviewGoogle will start beta phase Will open doors to more users in April Android Beta Program, we know that There will be four beta versions of Android 15The first in April, the second in May, the third in June and the fourth in July.

This will happen may be updatedWhich will coincide with the celebration of Google I/O 2024, which Will introduce a large number of new features, During its developer conference, Google will also take the opportunity to talk about the main changes that come with the new version of the system.

Objectives with June and July updates achieve platform stabilityremove all errors and insects That may still remain from previous versions. It is very likely that, during this period, intermediate versions will be released (Beta 3.1, Beta 3.2, etc.).

It will be between August and September (barring surprises) when Google is going to launch Android 15 final version, At that time, devices compatible with the update (all Pixels up to 6 and 6 Pro) will receive the update via OTA, and soon after, the rest of the manufacturers will start working on bringing the update to their phones. It is very likely that brands such as Samsung, Nothing, Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus will be among the first to update their most recent models, as has been the case with previous versions of the system.

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