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  • Get ready for a memorable ride with AHS Season 12: Delicate.
  • Will Anna survive her dangerous pregnancy? Everything will be revealed.
  • Mixed reviews from critics, but don’t miss this interesting season.

After the shocking first five episodes of American Horror Story Season 12: Part 1, fans were eager to see Part 2. American Horror Story: Fragile tells the horrifying and fascinating story of Pregnant actress Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) Navigating this unique time while realizing that her life may be in danger. Like previous seasons of the anthology TV series, the season features a large cast including Kim Kardashian, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Cara Delevigne, Matt Czuchry, Michaela J. Rodriguez, and Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

American Horror Story Season 12: Part 2 to premiere soon And the final four episodes will likely reveal what happens to Anna and her baby. No matter what happens in episodes six through nine, it’s clear that Part 2 American Horror Story: Fragile It will be memorable.


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The release date of American Horror Story Season 12: Part 2 was recently announced

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in American Horror Story Season 12

According to Us Weekly, American Horror Story Season 12: Part 2 premieres on April 3, 2024, The first five episodes of Season 12 premiere with Memorable on September 20, 2023 ahs The Season 12: Part 1 finale, “Preach,” will air on October 18, 2023.

Although some fans may wish all nine episodes were released at once, it was a smart decision to release American Horror Story Season 12 in two parts. Since the franchise has been airing since 2011, this release schedule has created the necessary intrigue and mystery.

Although fans disagree on the strongest season American Horror Story, Season 12 stands out because it’s about a dark, scary, and potentially dangerous pregnancy. When? American Horror Story In the Season 12: Part 2 premiere, fans will get the answers they’ve been waiting for about Anna’s situation. In episode 6, titled “Opening Night,” viewers will learn more about why Anna wanted to become a mother.

What is American Horror Story Season 12 Part 1 about?Emma Roberts as Anna talking on a cell phone in American Horror Story Season 12

While fans wonder whether American Horror Story Season 12 is connected to the previous seasons, American Horror Story: Fragile It’s a brand new season. The first five episodes are as follows Pregnant actress Anna Victoria Alcott Because she has strange, scary experiences while under his control Publicist Siobhan Corbyn (Kim Kardashian), unlike the past ahs Season with terrifying villains like Twisty the Clown and The Rubber Man, American Horror Story: Fragile Explores Anna and Siobhan’s dramatic and toxic relationship. While Anna wants to be famous and Siobhan believes she can get her there, it’s clear there will be a high price to pay.

many of these quotes American Horror Story Season 12: Part 1 Explore the dark side of fame And how people often become unhappy when they get what they thought they wanted. Anna and Siobhan both think they want success, money and fame, but they are both unhappy. Siobhan’s most memorable quotes are American Horror Story This will likely continue to be true when Season 12: Part 1, and Part 2, premieres. Even though Anna’s pregnancy is cruel and terrible, tender is more fun than previous seasons American Horror Story Because Siobhan is his confidant.

In one scene, Siobhan proves that her personality is egocentric when she says:

“Being better than everyone else is tiring.”

That brief line says everything there is to know about a character who thinks she can rise to the top of her industry and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. Another humorous quote from Siobhan is when she says:

“You’ve earned it. And even if you haven’t, I’ve earned it.”

What was the critical and fan reaction to American Horror Story Season 12 Part 1?

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) and Anna (Emma Roberts) in season 12 of American Horror Story: Delicate

critics have written Mixed reviews of American Horror Story: Fragile, The Guardian gave the first half of the season three out of five stars and said that Kim Kardashian did a good job playing a sleazy publicist. Deadline’s review praised the season 12 premiere.

However, Bloody Disgusting stated that American Horror Story The finale of Season 12: Part One was weak, and USA Today called the season “terrible”. AHS:Delicate One 71% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and received many negative reviews from fans and critics.

While fans are captivated after American Horror Story’s shocking ending ahs Season 1, not everyone enjoyed American Horror Story Season 12 Part One. In a Reddit thread, many fans said that they found this season to be quite boring. Redditor @crabbynico wrote, “I can’t stop thinking ‘This could have been a mediocre 90 minute movie and it would have been fine.'” Other fans believe the creepy pregnancy plot. tender has a lot of similarity with rosemary’s babyWhich has a terrible end of its own.


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