Which is the miraculous stotra to ask for prosperity and happiness in life?

Praying, for many people, is the best way to communicate with the Supreme Being, to give thanks as well as to express the requests and needs that arise daily in life.

Prayer has been an important part of the gospel since the beginning of the world and is a way of getting closer to God, Devotees pray for health, peace, well-being, work, children and family, and also to attain prosperity and well-being at different times in life.


Prayer is a valid means of seeking prosperity and well-being in life. , picture: getty images

Psalm 144

(Bible on Portal Edition).

1. Blessed be the Lord, my rock,

My fingers for war.

2. He is my loving God, my protection,

My highest hiding place, my savior,

My shield, in which I take refuge.

3. He is the one who places cities at my feet.

Lord, what is mortal that you care about?

What kind of person is he that you think of?

4. Every living being is like a sigh;

His days are fleeting like a shadow.

Prayer is an act of faith.

Asking for prosperity is something that is done every day. , picture: getty images

5, O Lord, open your sky and come down;

Touch the mountains and turn them into smoke.

Shoot your arrows and push him back.

7. raise your hand from above

And save me from the flood waters;

Deliver me from the power of strangers.

8, When they open their mouth, they lie;

When they raise their right hand, they swear falsely.

9. O God, I will sing a new song to you;

I will sing hymns for you by playing the ten-stringed veena.

10. You give victory to kings;

You save your servant David from the bloody sword.


Psalm 144 prays for prosperity and well-being. , picture: getty images

Deliver me from the power of strangers.

When they open their mouth, they lie;

When they raise their right hand, they swear falsely.

12. Our children, in their youth,

Grow like leafy plants;

13. May our granaries be filled with all types of items.

May our sheep and goats increase by thousands,

Thousands in our fields.


Prayers are a way to strengthen yourself to face problems. , picture: getty images

14. Our oxen pulled heavy burdens;

that there is no gap or outlet,

Nor the screams of agony on our streets.

fifteen. Blessed are those who get it all!

Blessed are the people whose God is Jehovah!

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