Whit Merrifield agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Phillies

In the 2023 postseason, philadelphia phillies one win away Arizona Diamondbacks Will be in for the second time in a row world Series, That bitter taste of not being able to win again National League And to take revenge for what happened a year before vs. Houston Astros With this, he will not have to spare any effort in strengthening himself for this campaign of 2024.

merrifield comes for philadelphia phillies After the 2023 season in which he participated for the third time all StarBeing a major player in toronto blue jaysa team that moved forward post season After winning 89 games in the regular round. That had a lot to do with the man’s actions as he served as a second baseman and left fielder in 145 games, in which he hit 11 home runs, had 149 hits, 27 of which were doubles, and batted with an OPS of .217. of. 700 and slugging .382.

The Philadelphia Phillies will have a roster full of stats this 2024

His new organization will try to win a ring this year. world Series It has been elusive since 2008, when he won against tampa bay rays In five games. In 2009 and 2022 they pennsylvania he won National LeagueBut when it came to taking the next step, they lagged behind.

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