White House calls on Israel and Lebanon to restore peace after new border clashes

Paramedics search for possible victims in the debris of a health care center destroyed by an Israeli air strike in Hebbariye, a town in southern Lebanon, March 27, 2024. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

This Thursday, the United States called on Israel and Lebanon to give “the highest priority” to restoring peace after new hostilities on the border. and Israeli strikes against the Islamist organization Hezbollah.

“Restoring peace along that border remains a top priority for President (Joe) Biden and his administration, and we believe it is also extremely important for Lebanon and Israel,” a council spokesman told reporters ” John Kirby of Homeland Security.

This Thursday the terrorist group Hezbollah attacked two cities in northern Israel twice in response to the deaths of eight Lebanese people a day earlier, while the Israeli state responded with multiple launches amid concerns about growing tensions between the parties.

In addition to four actions against military objectives, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for two attacks during the day. against the Israeli cities of Goren and ShlomiAccording to a series of statements issued by the formations, one of them with projectiles and artillery, and the other with missiles.

TV correspondent Ali Shoaib Al ManarBelonging to the Shia movement, assured that the terrorist group used it against the Israeli population for the first time ‘Burkan’ type high-yield missiles, Until now projectiles with warheads of up to half a ton were used only for military purposes.

The action against these towns was a response to two Israeli bombings that killed at least eight people, including fighters of various stripes, paramedics and civilians, at two points in southern Lebanon the previous night.

An Israeli fighter plane flies over a field near the border between Lebanon and Israel, seen from an undisclosed location on the Israeli side of the border on February 29, 2024 (Lebanon, Hezbollah/Hezbollah) EFE/EPA/ ATEF SAFADI

for its part, The Israeli army announced that its anti-aircraft defenses intercepted an object coming from Lebanese territory this Wednesday And it responded to “numerous” launches from the other side of the border.

Yesterday was one of the bloodiest clashes in almost half a year, killing 15 people in Lebanon and at least one more person in Israel.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) today expressed its concern about “increased violence” on the border and reiterated its willingness to support a negotiated solution to the crisis, including through three-way meetings.

,It is important that this tension ends immediately“We urge all parties to lay down their arms and begin a process toward a lasting political and diplomatic solution,” the Blue Helmets said in a statement.

In this context, Israeli forces announced the conclusion of training to strengthen their offensive capabilities on the border with Lebanon, in which the division, brigade and battalion commanders in charge of that area participated.

Israel and Hezbollah have been locked in an intense firefight since October 8, a day after the Gaza war began, in their worst clash since their conflict in 2006.

(with information from EFE)

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