Who is Josh Allen’s girlfriend? Meet Actress Hailee Steinfeld and a Timeline of Her Relationship with the Bills QB

‘Tis the season of celebrity couples among the NFL.

The only thing more exciting than the game being played on the field is the discussion about who is in the stands. Taylor Swift? Simone Biles? It seems like the possibilities are endless, as there seems to be more attraction to wives and girlfriends than to players.

Whether they brought good or bad luck is debatable, but there is no doubt that these women have changed the game off the field. The same is true for the Bills and quarterback Josh Allen, who are hoping to turn a rough start to the season into a deep playoff run.

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Supporting him in the background is his girlfriend, who is still new to the world of football.

Who is Josh Allen’s girlfriend?

Alan and Hailee Steinfeld may keep their personal lives private, but they’ve confirmed their relationship since they were first spotted together in May.

Steinfeld is an actress and singer and made her film debut at the age of 13. true Grit, He earned his first Oscar nomination for this film. Since then, he has also acted in shore of seventeen, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, Hawkeye, Pitch Perfect 2, pitch perfect 3, And Dickinson.

In 2015, he collaborated with Shawn Mendes before releasing his debut single. His first album, Haiz, was released that November. However, his main focus has been on acting, as he has only produced one other album. half written story Dropped in May 2020.

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Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Relationship Timeline

Allen and Steinfeld’s relationship has remained out of the public eye, but they have still been seen together in the past few months.

May 2023: Just a month after Allen split from his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams, the Bills QB was spotted with Steinfeld at a restaurant in New York City.

July 2023: The relationship was confirmed when the two were captured together in Mexico during the 4th of July weekend. Allen also appeared in an episode of “Bussin’ with the Boys” where his dating status is explained. The hosts, Will Compton and Taylor Levan, mention rumors of Allen and an actress. “No comment,” he replied.

August 2023: Allen commented on his relationship with Steinfeld for the first time. He is a guest on the podcast “Pardon My Take” and speaks about paparazzi in Mexico. “The fact that someone cares about this still blows my mind,” he said. “I felt, like, this big feeling. Insecurity. no privacy. I was like, ‘What’s the problem with people?'”

September 2023: Steinfeld shopped with Allen’s mother at a boutique in Buffalo before a Bills game. The shop owner takes a photo with local veterans.

October 2023: The actress travels to London for the Bills-Jaguars game on October 8. She sits next to driver Daniel Ricciardo, one of Allen’s close friends. While he appears as a celebrity guest on the big screen, Steinfeld remains more modest next to him. On October 12, Steinfeld and Allen went to a Sabers game, sitting in a suite upstairs.

January 2024: Steinfeld walks the carpet at the Golden Globes. He asked about the ring on her finger, hinting at a possible engagement, but the actress immediately shrugged it off. That E! “I’m going to have a cute little doe. There’s no particular reason other than I just thought it was really cute,” she tells the News. When the actress was asked what it was like dating an athlete, she replied, “Listen, what isn’t this about? Come on now.”

The awards show was held in Miami on the same night that the Bills performed across the country. When asked how she felt about the game that will determine playoff seeding, she agreed. However she wasn’t too happy with the jersey the reporter was holding. “Wrong number though,” Steinfeld explains in response to the Stefon Diggs jersey.

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