Who is responsible for your shipment to Cuba?

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba has been identified on several occasions as the main obstacle to the processing and delivery of packages on the island.

The head of operations of Cubapac, one of the companies that manages international parcel delivery in Cuba, noted on Cuban television more than a year ago that the main problem in the delivery of shipments is not storage capacity, but delays in release. goods through customs.

Along these lines, it is common for Correios de Cuba, one of the country’s leading parcel companies, to direct responsibility for complaining customers to customs channels. This creates confusion and frustration among users, who don’t know who to contact for information about their shipments.

Customs recently shared a Message In which it is stated that “Customs and freight forwarding agencies are responsible for processing the shipments from their arrival in the country until their delivery to the recipient.”

Furthermore, they ensure that they have “the information and means to know in real time what processing stage your shipment is in.”

However, the reality is that in Cuba the doubts of senders and beneficiaries are rarely resolved. Excuses for inefficiencies vary: from increased demand and limited operating capacity to fuel shortages.

Shipment to Cuba: a problem without solution

In recent times, Correos de Cuba Answer For a customer who delays delivery of shipments to their recipients, the root causes are “objective factors associated with energy impacts and fuel limitations.”

But complaints about the processing of shipments to Cuba are not new nor are they directly related to these objective elements.

Following the health crisis, leaders of many freight forwarders were replaced and some “bottlenecks” were eliminated, but problems remained. While agencies outside and inside Cuba continue to line their pockets, senders and beneficiaries continue to wait to receive the service they have paid for.

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