Who is Temu’s owner and how much is his wealth?

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Temu It is one of the online sales companies that has gained the most relevance in recent months, to such an extent that it is beginning to overtake giants such as its compatriot Alibaba or the North American Amazon. But who is the boss This company already has many ads on social networks what is his luck,

During the last financial year, Teemu won 17,443 million euros (320,776 million pesos) while Alibaba’s collection was 15,083 million euros (277,376 million pesos). However, the growth of this company is not without controversy, as according to a cyber security firm in the US, its app installs malware to obtain people’s data.

Who owns Teemu and how much money does he have?

Temu’s owner is a Chinese businessman and computer scientist. Colin HuangWho is at number 23 in the index of the world’s richest millionaires Bloomberg. Before founding this Chinese company, Huang worked for important companies such as Microsoft and Google in the United States.

According to the latest index of bloomberg, Colin Huang has an estimated net worth of $52 billion (about 884 billion pesos), in addition his wealth increased by $437 million (about 7.4 billion pesos) compared to the previous measurement. He has extensive experience in the world of technology.

The first online commerce company he founded was Ooku, which he sold for just $2.2 million. He soon founded other companies such as Lekki, which allows foreign companies to sell their goods in stores in China; Xunmeng, which focused on Internet video game development.

But his biggest success was before creating Temu PindoudouWhich is already one of the most important online shopping applications in China, a market that has a population of 1.425 million and is the second most populous country in the world after India, which it will overtake in 2023.

Both Pindoudou and Temu are part of it. PDD Holdings, a Chinese conglomerate based in the city of Shanghai and listed on Nasdaq. One unique thing about Temu is that its main headquarters is not in any Chinese city, but in Boston, United States.

According to cybersecurity firm Grizzly Research, one of Teemu’s biggest scams is its illegal sale of its customers’ data. Reports indicate that Pindoudou will also now engage in similar practices as the Chinese online sales giant.

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