Why did ‘El Mayo’ Zambada and ‘Los Chapitos’ send flower arrangements to La Gilbertona’s funeral? This is what we know

La Gilbertona received expensive floral decorations (Photo: Archive)

24 hours after the events, Gilberto Salomon Vazquez, popularly known as gilberton, continues to give something to talk about. and the contents of famous influencer It was consumed not only by thousands of members LGBT+ community in Mexico, but his personality was well-liked by public figures such as the governor of Sinaloa and even leaders drug cartelsWho did not hesitate to send expensive funeral arrangements in his honor.

It was the morning of March 14 when relatives of the internet celebrity announced that he had lost his life. This, possibly Because Due to complications in his health condition, he was diagnosed with pneumonia a few days ago.

“Official Statement: Today, March 14, we say goodbye to Gilberto Salomon Vazquez, ‘La Famosa Gilbertona’, who is 88 years old The heart that entertained us so much with its events and anger has stopped beating, rest in peace, ”he informed through the social network.

The vigil to say goodbye to them took place a few hours later in two rooms Moreh Funeral Home FuneralsLocated in the Jorge Almada neighborhood of Culiacán, Sinaloa, where family, friends and even youtubers

A huge painting of La Gilbertona adorns the room, which was filled with funeral wreaths (Photo: TV Azteca Sinaloa)

It was later reported that, next to the white coffin in which the remains of the influential man now rest, several wreaths of flowers were placed, sent by his representative and close friend Pavel Moreno; Los Alegres del Barranco, northern music group; and Sinaloa Governor Ruben Rocha Moya.

However, the three funeral arrangements that stood out most – primarily because of their large size – were by dedication Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambadaleader of the Sinaloa Cartel; guzman lopez, children of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán; and “Friends of Jalisco”, so it is believed that he was sent He Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG),

This fact caused controversy as well as doubts on social networks: why did organized crime leaders send flowers to influencers?

Gilbertona. (Credit: Archive)

However, some users through social networks express the possibility that gilberton Is kept drug trafficking relatedThe truth is that there is no evidence for this.

It is believed that the corrections were sent only because their senders enjoyed their content, such as having over a million followers. gilberton Owned through TikTok and Facebook. Pavel Moreno also announced that he had received calls Number of people in Colombia, France and the United States,

However, it is important to highlight that, to date, it has not been proven that the funeral arrangements sent to the influential person have been gifts from owners,

Among some of the data collected, it is clear that the flower crown sent by Zambada García was allegedly made Padilla FloristWhich would have taken about three hours to make.

The wreath signed by Ismael Zambada arrived at the La Gilbertona funeral services (Photo: TV Azteca Sinaloa)

For its part, the arrangement was sent from Jalisco, a stronghold of four letter cartel, is at least implied two thousand red rosesSo its value was 50 thousand pesos.

It should be noted that sending wreaths with thousands of flowers is one of the common practices of drug traffickers when a loved one or acquaintance loses their life.

For example, after the death of Maria Consuelo Loera PerezMother of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, it emerged that she had another son, Aurelio, aka ‘guanoHad sent an expensive garland of flowers to his house, where he was kept.

The ribbon accompanying the funeral wreath bore only the phrase “On behalf of his son Aureliano” inscribed in gold letters.

Flower arrangement from ‘El Guano’ for his mother Consuelo Loera. (reddit)

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