Why did Pamela Anderson decide not to wear makeup?

lWill the makeup be old fashioned? In any case, Pamela Anderson shows that it can be useful to live without it to age peacefully. The 56-year-old American-Canadian actress and model decided to get rid of her makeup kit. And she is doing better for it, if we are to believe her many announcements on the subject as she showed her face bare during events like Paris Fashion Week in September 2023 or in the evenings. Vanity Fair Oscar’s, Saturday March 10 and Sunday March 11.

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luscious blondebaywatch Tired of conforming to the eyes of others. Especially the pressure increases with age. If Fanny Ardant has always declared that she “doesn’t care” about aging and cosmetic surgery, Pamela Anderson’s transformation into natural beauty is more recent. actress of The Last Showgirl It’s no less demonstrative: today she appears without makeup for a campaign for luxury sustainable clothing brand Re/Done. The organic material pieces from the new Re/Dunn & Palm collection, inspired by the iconic looks of the 1990s, were designed with the actress in mind.

a facial care line

Actress calls her paradigm shift “life-ing”, explains new York Times, which devotes an article to it. Regarding the photos taken for Re/Dunn & Pam, the model revealed that she had her choices imposed: she wanted her face “raw, without makeup”, she said.
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With honesty, “Pam” described her journey to becoming an American journalist, admitting: “I enjoy the aging process. The things that happen to my face – some of the elasticity goes away – I find humor in that.” Author of Love, Pamela Adding: “I feel more sexy now because I have secrets and secrets. We learn this only later in life. »The same one that announced last year Identification That “chasing youth is useless” took the opportunity to hone his business sense. Pamela Anderson has launched a vegan facial care line: Sounsi Skin.

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