Why is the mask worn by Kanye West at the Super Bowl at the center of a fashion controversy?

If for some, the mask of the cross is worn Kanye West In what seemed like another provocation for fashion fans at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas last February 11, this one was a tribute to another awesome figure in the industry: the late Alexander McQueen. Indeed, this black and white mask looking like two drops of water, created by the British designer, first appeared on the catwalk of the autumn-winter 1996 fashion show, titled ” Dante » Its, ,A historical show that was also the subject of controversy due to its location in Christ Church, London, and its many references to Catholic iconography mixed with images of war).

Apart from the fact that it could be considered an ostentatious religious symbol – and is necessarily controversial when worn at a public event such as the Super Bowl final – the origins of this accessory are inevitably debated: first by its creator. Claimed to be a pale copy of its own, it eventually became an extremely rare archival piece. the explanation.

Kanye West: The dark origins of his Alexander McQueen mask at the center of turmoil

Here – and for once – it is not so much the wearing of a mask that is controversial, but more the authenticity of it. In fact, within a few hours the Instagram post Kanye West and his “Alexander McQueen Jesus Mask” have taken over the internet and are creating a stir. When suddenly, a comment challenges the origins of this accessory steeped in fashion history: it’s none other than Alexander McQueen’s set designer and collaborator Simon Costin, who refutes the authenticity of the mask – claiming it’s his Work is not original.

One comment was immediately followed by a mea culpa post from the latter, in which he accepts the authenticity of the crucifix mask and describes its origin and its path to unfolding. Kanye WestTwenty-eight years after its creation: ” In regards to yesterday’s debate over whether or not the mask made for Alexander McQueen’s “Dante” show and worn by Kanye West at the Super Bowl is real, I can confirm that it is. The original confusion was due to a duplicate of the mask’s photos on the Kerry Taylor auction site, which went unnoticed at the time. This is an easy mistake to make, because all masks look the same. However, they are all a little different, because we obtained the crosses from flea markets and bazaars, eBay did not exist at the time. 28 years ago, when Lee found this book by photographer Joel-Peter Witkin that I gave him, several masks were made for the show. To the best of my knowledge, seven masks are in existence today, two have been sold and are free in the wild, while the others are in my possession.

Kanye West: fashion against all odds

In recent months, West has been awash in sartorial provocation: with each of its releases, this and its new Bianca Sensori campaign are controversial, in turn featuring hybrid shoes-socks, full hoods that hide your face, or vice versa. , transparent jumpsuits that expose their faces. The perfect body (and especially Madam’s, which is often exposed on Kanye’s networks, or on the covers of his albums). A daily show, shocking and above all chaotic, but which brilliantly achieves the objectives of the main man concerned: to get people talking about him.

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