Why Microsoft overtook Apple to become the world’s most valuable company

Microsoft has recorded a significant increase in its market value, overtaking its rival Apple. (Photo structure: Infobay)

recently, Microsoft left back Manzana And became the most valuable company on the market, especially after Apple reported a less successful start to 2024 due to concerns about declining demand. actions of Microsoft They rose 1.5% to a market value of $2,888 billion.

On the other hand, Manzana Its shares declined 0.03% and were valued at $2.887 billion. This is the first time since 2021 that the market price Manzana has overtaken Microsoft,

Just a few weeks ago, Manzana It achieved a maximum valuation of $3.081 trillion on December 14, representing a 48% increase in its value at the end of 2023. for its part, Microsoft It ended the year with an even higher growth of 57%, due to its notable presence and its collaboration in the Generative Artificial Intelligence sector. OpenAIcreator of chatgptDuring 2023.

Apple CEO Cook has said that the company has been working with AI for many years. (manzana)

Manzana Were surprised when technologies like chatbots happened chatgpt, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), became very popular. The company was slow to offer something similar.

Whereas Microsoft And Google They have already shown their chatbots to the world, Apple just included a better automatic correction based on AI in the update of its mobile operating system, iOS 17. still, Tim CookApple’s boss says that the company has been working on AI for years.

According to a Bloomberg report last year, Manzana is testing its own chatbot called apple gptBut it is not yet known what impact this will have on the devices it sells. Manzana,

Another example of how Microsoft Entering the field of artificial intelligence co-pilotA project he developed together OpenAI And which was initially launched in February 2023.

The Copilot tool, born from the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, allows users to improve their productivity. (Microsoft)

co-pilot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people work more efficiently. This technology integrates with programs that many people use daily, such as Word one of two excelOffering help at a moment’s notice.

This works thanks to large language models, which are systems that learn from lots of information to understand and produce text as if they were humans. co-pilot Use these advanced systems, e.g. GPT-4To complete your tasks.

ces 2024 It was also a useful location for the company. Microsoft also getting along SonySince they are planning to launch AfilaAn electric car that can be controlled with a remote control Play Station, This vehicle, which will be available by 2026, includes artificial intelligence Microsoft,

The car will be available in 2026 and will include Microsoft’s artificial intelligence features. (infobae)

In the electronic fair, where infobae was present, Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) took the opportunity to announce an alliance with Microsoft Developing an AI entertainment system that improves the drivers’ experience. And even the driver compatible or assistance system will be similar to co-pilot,

Regarding in-flight entertainment, SHM has promoted the inclusion of “themes” on in-flight screens. Afila based on entertainment franchise Sonylike a movie Spiderman: Across the Universe and video games Fortnite Of epic games,

It is important to note that this concept has been developed by Sony Honda Mobility It was first presented in an early version in ces 2023And the details will already be finalized to start mass production.

Since 2018, Microsoft has crossed Manzana At market price on some occasions, always for a short period of time. The most recent episode, in 2021, was due to problems in the production and distribution of products covidWhich affected the value of Apple’s shares. maybe now Microsoft It should take advantage of its lead over the famous mobile manufacturer Apple.

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