Why should I choose Pulmonology in MIR 2024?

Latest progress achieved by pneumology From both a clinical and technical point of view, it is the main asset of the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (apart) claims to be the first choice in the selection process for MIR 2024 places. The society is confident that pulmonology will be the specialty chosen among many future residents, as “it is common for students to go into pulmonology while performing final degree projectWhen earlier experts had to offer this,

The specialty that has developed is for this Martha ClementeDirector of the Semper Graduation Committee, is required to generate New incentives among prospective residents: “Advances in interventional pulmonology, bronchoscopy techniques, intermediate respiratory care units, advances in all the technologies for coronavirus…it brought the expertise to a better position.”

In recent years, pulmonologists highlight that the role of specialization in hospitals has increased, so that “some hospitals in Spain no longer have any facilities”. intermediate intensive care unit, “Clinical importance goes hand in hand with a significant technological advance.”

“The clinical importance of pulmonology goes hand in hand with important technological advances”

In the words of the expert, one of the needs that pulmonology has to address is Pulmonologist shortage, There are many hospitals that have limited staff and cannot meet all the needs of patients. In job board Many areas have no pulmonologists and we are working with reduced staff. MIR applicants have specialization in Pulmonology with good job prospects.

Pulmonology allows performing “self diagnostic techniques”

Another thing that highlights to praise the pulmonologist specialty is that future residents Will be likely to “perform for oneself” Self diagnostic techniques and endoscopic treatment. From a bronchoscopy perspective, it is important to advance diagnostic methods, place endobronchial valves, use navigators to reach lung lesions that could not be reached before.

“Interventional, ventilation and lung function pulmonology can be performed in hospitals of any level”

Clemente believes it is very difficult to predict whether pulmonology specialization will be achieved. a big welcome Compared to previous years, however, it confirms that “the job of the pulmonologist, at the graduate level, is to be able to disseminate the benefits of pulmonology. In addition, the MIR should know that interventional pulmonology, ventilation and lung function are Can also be done in level hospitals.

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