Why some fans are disappointed with the vinyl version of Beyoncé’s album

American fan of Beyoncé who ordered one of the vinyl editions of her album cowboy carterIt was an unpleasant surprise to find that some titles did not appear there.

“If there is not Yes, yesI don’t want it!”. “I’ll wait until they release a new version.” American fan of Beyoncé who bought some vinyl versions cowboy carter Show your frustration on social networks.

Several tracks from the album are missing on vinyl. Spaghetti, gypsy romance, linda martel show, Yes, yes And oh louisiana Missing from some editions of vinyl and CD.

“Five titles are missing”

“Five tracks are missing from the vinyl of Cowboy Carter,” one fan wrote on TikTok. “In this video you can hear levi’s jeans we go straight desert Eagle, Why? We still don’t know, probably because he added these tracks to the recording after the record was pressed,” he says.

Like this fan, some people think that Beyoncé added the songs to the album late, at least after production of the record began, which is done well before the release.

On the Instagram account of the ShopBeyoncé online store, many comments from fans who ordered the album regret the absence of these five tracks. Some people get very angry and call it a scam. One angry fan wrote, “Are you going to address the fact that you cheated us out of vinyl?”

Another said, “You owe us an explanation, even an apology and a refund.”

At present, fans have not received answers to their questions. And those who complained at the store simply received an automated email, as reported by Variety, indicating that due to a higher number of complaints than usual, their issue would be resolved within three to four days.

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