Why was his mother so afraid about his future?

On Monday, March 4, 2024, the Quotidian show team welcomed Gigi Hadid. The famous model talks about notable moments in her career, Especially his mother’s concerns regarding his professional career. There are many international stars on the sets of Quotidian. From European stars like Shay to American stars like Emma Stone, the show is a meeting place for fans. Recently the film crew was welcomed on the set daily for the release of the film Dune 2. Between Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, and Josh Brolin, Yann Barthes was in very good company. On the call, the star of “Euphoria” is missing Zendaya felt and still disappointed internet users.

To liven up the set, the quotidian show usually reserves a few surprises for its guests. For example, Yann Barthes offered an AS Saint-Etienne scarf to Timothée Chalamet, a big fan of the club. A powerful moment that brought joy to the web

a famous guest

Along with Isabel Marant, for whom she recently paraded, Yolanda Hadid, daughter of the former model, was the guest of Quotidien on Monday March 4, where she exclusively shared moments of doubt about her career as a model. Did it. In the middle of Fashion Week, the Quotidian welcomed Gigi Hadid. The star returned to her life as a model and shocked internet users by revealing that she ended her career on the advice of her mother.

The model also recalled her beginnings in the world of modeling. At the time, she was only two or three years old when she landed her first advertising campaign for Guess. “I remember snippets of these shooting moments when I was young. For me, it wasn’t really work, it was play day. My mother wanted me to stop modeling before looking at it as a job. ,

Yolanda Hadid did not want Gigi Hadid to continue her modeling career

But after doubts, and at the request of her mother, Gigi Hadid decided to stop modeling and focus on her other passion: sports. She also became the captain of her high school volleyball team.

But as she grew up, Gigi Hadid soon realized that she didn’t want to make sports her career. She then returned to the field she loved, modeling. She told W magazine: “I wanted to be a volleyball player, but I decided to go to college in New York because I wanted to be a model first and foremost. »

On the set of Quotidien, the beautiful blonde does not stop talking about this job that she has loved since a young age: “My mother told me not to put my eggs in one basket. But I came back. I remember being in front of the camera and being fascinated by that experience. , And we’re so glad Gigi Hadid followed her heartNow one of the most famous models, Gigi Hadid has reached a milestone in her career by returning to the cover of Vogue.

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