With new locations and more services, medical expertise offices in the capital region exceed 108 thousand consultations in 2023

January 19, 2024 – 11:57 am

Medical specialty offices in the Capital Region close in 2023 with 108,187 registered consultations, a diverse list of services and a new care space in the center of the Dr. Ramon Madariaga Health Park.

Since last March, they have provided services in the former Maternal and Neonatal Hospital building, a space that has allowed them to expand the service portfolio and strengthen the quality of care. At 6 a.m., Monday through Friday, the Capital Zone team assists missionaries who come to the center looking for primary care, from shifts assigned by ALEGRAMED or by spontaneous demand.

Of the 108,187 registered consultations, 56,738 relate to clinical medical service, 15,704 to dentistry, 9,392 to ophthalmology, 5,652 to traumatology, 5,339 to psychiatry, 4,395 to otorhinolaryngology, 3,231 to gynecology, 2,174 to neurology, 1,665 From general and family medicine, 1,549 in cardiology, 846 in nutrition, 748 PAP samples, 454 in adolescent counseling and 300 in psychology.

Regarding the monthly output of consultations, November, July and August were the months with the highest number of registrations, with 14,951, 13,359 and 11,387 respectively.

The center brings together professionals in 16 specialized areas, covering clinical medicine, ophthalmology, traumatology, otorhinolaryngology, speech therapy, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, nutrition, psychology, psychiatry and ultrasound (joined in January 2024. Provided services in. Comprehensive Adolescent Health Placement, Disability and Nursing Assessment Board.

,Last year, we worked in coordination with security forces to achieve better organization in access to pre-vocational studies for entrants. Other services that formed part of the benefit list are cardiology and speech therapy in the afternoon. The neurology service was also added, aimed at addressing work-related concerns, and an ultrasound this year,” said Marcelo Ozuna, head of personnel and coordination.

In order to expand access to appointments for patients referred by health providers from any point in the province, in terms of quality and care, the ALEGRAMED application was included in the list of providers.

Human resources continued training in administration, use of the RISMI system, and primary care.


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