Xavi apologizes and admits Real Madrid nailed Barcelona: “We gave the worst face”


xavi hernandez After the dance he showed her the face he gave her real Madrid till barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup final and apologized to Barça fans. The Catalan coach believes they are well ahead of the Whites and will try to cheer on his players.

Vinicius misses the show and Cristiano; Real Madrid made fun of Barcelona after winning the Super Cup

very tough defeat

“Disappointment, sadness run through my mind… this is football and it touches us badly. We were excited. Our game was the worst. We had the option to make the cut, but the 3-1 scoreline made things worse for us again. Real Madrid has hurt us with its vices and changes… I apologize to the fans. We have given the worst face. You have to be okay. I have experienced many defeats and we have recovered. “Barça will come back.”


“This will help us play and compete better. It is clear that there will be difficult days and criticism, but we have to accept them. “We are not at the level that was needed.”


“There is a lot of sportsmanship. “It’s time to congratulate Real Madrid, who are winners right now.”

Aim and dance! With Vinicius’ hat-trick, Real Madrid becomes champion of the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona


“Manage the game better, you can’t play the final like this. We were neither good in defence, nor in pressing, you can’t start from the last 2-0. Then came Robert’s goal, but we lacked everything. This is a crushing defeat, we are angry. We’re shown one of the worst faces of the season. We have to improve a lot to win the title. We have to apologize to the Barcelona fans because it was a final, a Clasico and we were not as good as we should have been.


“I am calm and very disappointed, we have not shown the face that was required for the final, but as a porter, not as a coach. I have experienced very difficult defeats, but there is a whole season left, three titles, but that’s all. We will return, I am sure.”

Two goals at the beginning of the game

“Those are our two mistakes, we didn’t stop the counterattack, the second-row tackles from Vinicius and Rodrigo… despite Robert’s goal we fell behind the whole game.”


“Believe, it is clear, we have shown the worst face in the worst possible scenario, it is a lost title, but we must engage in self-criticism. “I still believe in the project, but we have to self-criticize.”

Arguments to reverse this

“Because we have done it, with me as coach we have won titles. Today is a very tough defeat because we did not rise to the occasion, we should apologize to the fans. The logic is, we demonstrated it last season and now we have to endure criticism. We need to reset and take advantage of the three remaining titles.

Lack of appetite?

“Of course not, they are mistakes, today we did not diminish the qualities of Madrid, we have to improve and fight for the title. Jail has almost killed us.”

Real Madrid scored in the Spanish Super Cup final: Memes tear Barcelona and Araujo to pieces


“Today we can’t do that, the club can’t add anyone, the situation is what we have.”

defense failures

“This has been the tone of this season, we have suffered a lot from Madrid’s counterattacks, changes, Vinicius’s attacks. It is very difficult to win the final by conceding two goals in 10 minutes. “We have not come out with the required level of activism.”

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