Xiomara Castro expressed condolences to the families of the victims in San Juan de Opoa

Xiomara CastroPresident of republic of hondurasI express my condolences to the families of the victims of the accident in San Juan de Opoa, Copán.

“With deep disappointment and pain, I received the tragic news of the accident San Juan de Opoa, Copán, My condolences to the families of the victims and solidarity with the speedy recovery of the injured,” Honduran President Xiomara Castro published on the X Network.

Faces: dead and injured in San Juan de Opoa tragedy

“I have directed the concerned teams and agencies to provide all possible assistance in these difficult times,” the President said.

What is known about the San Juan de Opoa disaster?

The fatal accident occurred around 6:00 a.m. near the community of San Juan de Opoa on the highway that leads from Santa Rosa de Copán to the municipality of Gracias, about 220 km northwest of Tegucigalpa.

“There are 15 dead, 14 injured people have been transferred to the Western Hospital (in Santa Rosa de Copán) and of the 14 we have confirmed that two have died,” fire Captain Abdul Orellana told AFP.

He then reported that of the patients taken to the hospital, two died and one was transferred to San Pedro Sula.

List of deaths in the San Juan de Opoa disaster

1. Kellin Yosiris Diaz Deras0918 1999 00102

2. Eusebio Hernandez Cobos1313 1965 00538. He was an evangelical pastor, 4th reserve. The Territorial Force squadron, La Flecha, was based in Santa Barbara.

3. Neftali Alberto Turcios Perez0401 1990 01235

4. Servalio Esquivel Tambora0401 1978 00564

5. Lionel Torres Miranda1310 1973 00009

6. Karol Amaryllis Suárez Villanueva1313 1998 00678

7. Enma Fidelina Lopez 0418 1977 00170

8. Belkis Yolani Miranda Villanueva0401 2001 00829

9.Marie Concepcion Martínez Rodríguez13113 1988 00759

10. Dennis Omar Mejia Martínez 1313 2008 00447 Nephew of the best age, Emma Fidelina Lopez

11. Pedro Jose Vargas Membrano1313 2002 12244

12. Marco Tulio Villanueva Hernandez1313 1972 00200

13. Dennis Alberto Zavala Rodriguez0423 1981 00035

14. Wilson Anael Banegas Alvarado0401 1999 01360

15. Yojari Grisel Gonzales Velasquez0202 2005 00246

Migrant routes to Honduras, South Americans

Thousands of migrants from South America cross the Honduras territory every day on the long way to the United States in search of better living conditions.

Last October, four migrants were killed when a bus they were traveling in fell into a ravine.


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