Yes, the neighbors on the tenth floor can keep chickens in the house even if they do not want to. Animal welfare law says so

Viral complaint in the neighborhood community is not supported by the rules, although there are many buts

“This is a letter to tell the neighbors on the tenth floor (we will not put our hands on it at the moment) that they have chickens in their house and keeping non-domestic animals in our houses is strictly prohibited.” We hope they will be removed soon”: these are the words read in a text hanging in the lift of the neighboring community. pamphlet image, Viralized on the social network X by the account @LiosdeVecinos, there is a lot of poetry that we want to analyze on Magnet. Mainly because whoever posted this doesn’t seem to have read it new animal welfare law,

pets have historically been reason for discussion among the residents. Be it barking, smells, noises and endless incidents, animals can be a joy or a headache to the next-door neighbor. But illegal possession of some animals The properties located in the buildings are actually one of the things that irritates and irritates the citizens the most overall.

In this case, as can be read in the notice of this friendly community of neighbors, although they are not sure who is to blame for the noise, they are very clear that their pets are neither dogs nor cats: They are chickens.

Let’s get to the point, can you raise chickens at home?

The Animal Welfare Act came into force in September last year, which We have analyzed in detail in XatakaAnd actually there’s a point about it Animals that can be kept as pets What else is considered prohibited at home. Well, Article 34 of the new rules indicates that animals of domestic and wild species can be kept at home without any problems. These are:

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets.
  • They belong to species that are considered domestic animals as defined in Law 8/2003, 24 Aprilanimal Health.
  • Animals belonging to wild species are included in the positive list of companion animals pending preparation with the government.
  • Those production animals, which belong to non-wild species and, as contemplated in clause A of Article 3, lose their productive purpose, are registered as companion animals by the decision of their owner. This can happen in the case of chickens.
  • Falcon birds and aquarium animals are not included in the lists of invasive alien species or protected wild species at both the state and territorial levels.

the animals that are left completely banned Are:

  • Fish, arthropods (spiders, scorpions…) and amphibians (frogs, toads…), which are dangerous due to their bite or poison, as well as poisonous reptiles (iguanas, chameleons, snakes or geckos).
  • Reptiles that weigh more than 2 kg in adulthood, except chelonians (turtles).
  • Primates (monkeys and apes).
  • Wild mammals that weigh more than 5 kg in adulthood.
  • Any other species whose keeping in captivity is prohibited by regional regulations at the state or community level (for example, in the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Alien Species, the Vietnamese pig appears).

So, after reviewing the new rules and returning to the previous question: can you keep chickens at home? The answer is yes, you can raise chickens at home and in this specific case the community of neighbors is hiding behind a statement that is completely false.

But be careful, because noise or dirt is cause for lawsuit

However, the law also indicates that you must ensure the well-being of the animals and people living nearby. So, if you have chickens, in addition to reviewing the statutes of your homeowners’ community and the municipal regulations of the city council in which your home is located, you should also take into account what is established Article 7.2 of the Horizontal Property LawWhich indicates that you can sue the neighbor bad smell or activities prohibited by law that damage property or constitute unhealthy, illegal, harmful or dangerous activities.

Chickens not only produce bad odor and feces, but they also produce foul smell and feces they make a lot of noise By crowing, so it would be rare for a building that doesn’t complain about it. Additionally, chickens require a spacious and healthy habitat. A different case would be a property that has a garden and ample space. Overall, the bottom line is this: yes, you can have chickens in your home. Now the question is why would you do this?


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