Yordan Alvarez hits first home run of the year

yordan alvarez Made my first shipment Home Run of spring training,

They faced each other this Saturday, March 9 West Palm Beach Cacti Park the teams Houston Astros And Washington Nationals, He started a day of 17 games spring training,

whole west American League He came into the game with a 7-6 record. for its part, Washington Nationals They did so with an even balance of six wins and six losses.

joe espadakept the vast majority of those who would own it opening day, yordan alvarez He moved up to second place in the order and this time with defensive responsibilities. He occupied the left field position.

in the first episode Cuban boy He reached the middle on the basis of one run. Then he flied out to right field in the bottom of the second.

By the end of the fourth he was to be the first batsman of the innings. He was also the one who got the reliever luis perdomo, On a two-ball count without a strike, he swerved inside and high to the right side. He hit a big hit into the right field area. He stood and watched.

The ball went over the fence. Home Run, so, Houston Astros His lead increased to six to one.

This was the first home run of yordan alvarez In this spring training 2024, He also opened the extra base box. In the case of RBI he reached two. He now has a high offensive line of .400/.471/.600 (AVG/OBP/SLG) as a result of six hits in 15 at-bats with two walks.

He hit four home runs in his lifetime spring training, His best figures were in 2022 with two. He now has 11 extra-base hits delivered across seven doubles and the aforementioned four homeruns. He has 19 RBI.

Let’s see the hits.

Video of Yordan Alvarez’s home run in the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals game

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