“You’re going to see me in Spain a lot”

lupon arrival of klian mbappe till real Madrid It’s an open secret, but at the moment neither side wants to make the first move. This is probably because Paris Saint Germain continues in Champions League And a potential meeting with Real Madrid in the final may not be ideal when it turns out that it is his club where he will play next season. The French striker is not going through a good time with his team as they lost 0-2 in the last match against Germany. The Blues’ defeat caused a storm in France and criticism focused on Bondy.

He was his compatriot before the duel chouameni Who left no stone unturned in expressing his views in front of the media and indicated that Mbappé will wear white clothes in the next season. He talked too much and his words went viral. “In Spain they know a lot about the player he is, However when they see him every day they will realize a little more of the greatness of the player“It was the midfielder’s phrase that shook the foundations in Paris.

Now France is preparing for the next international duel against Chile and Kylian wanted to face the media to justify the poor match against Germany and explain what happened. But he was also asked about his possible arrival at Real Madrid and Tchoumeni’s words and the forward used sarcasm to get out of the situation, but what is clear is that he is no longer hiding and that Not denying that he’s going to wear it. Real Shirt Madrid: “I played against Real Sociedad, then I will play against Barcelona and then maybe against Atlético de Madrid. You’re going to see me in Spain a lot, that’s what I was referring to.“, he confused.

I will understand that they will whistle

Mbappé criticized himself for his poor game against Germany: We played badly against Germany. I got the opportunity to play many competitions; Sometimes we lost and won the title, or we won all the friendly matches and then went home. The proof of this is that I played against Germany twice in friendly matches and we lost, and I played against them three times in an official match and never lost,” he recalled. However, he offered strong self-criticism: “SIt’s still a friendly match, but to beat a team like Germany there were a lot of warnings, a lot of things went wrong, “If we play like this in the situation that awaits us, we will face big disappointment and we don’t want that to happen.”

The Frenchman could understand the poor reception from his fans, even whistling: “I’m only going to concentrate on playing. And whatever reception I get, I’ll do my best to get the reaction. And, to be honest, If they whistled at me I would understand, There’s a classic on Sunday and I’m in. I won’t take it personally and it won’t change the way I play. But I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they don’t whistle at me. So sometimes we can have nice surprises.”

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