Zelensky called Putin a “predator” and said he is responsible for many of the current wars.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks at the Davos Economic Forum (Hans P. Albert/dpa)

Volodymyr Zelensky This Tuesday he accused the Russian President, Vladimir Putinwhich he described as a “Hunter”Being responsible for many wars and conflicts still in force today and warned again that Ukraine is only the first step in Russia’s expansionist aspirations.

“Putin is a symbol of war. We all know that he is the only reason due to which various wars and conflicts persist, and why all efforts to restore peace have failed. That will not change,” the Ukrainian President said during his speech at the World Economic Forum held in Davos these days.

“Their response to war period is always war (…) Their reaction to the extent of anarchy in the world is unlimited support of terrorist forces. Enjoy the conflicts,” Zelensky said, at a time when voices are growing urging Kiev to sit down for talks.

The President assured that Putin intervened for years in Africa and Syria and formed alliances with regimes such as North Korea or Iran with the aim of maintaining himself. He said, “Regimes like yours exist only when they fight wars.”

In that sense, and in line with what he has been defending since the beginning of the invasion, Zelensky urged the “free world” to continue its support for Ukraine, because “Beyond the new Russian aggression” this is “increasingly clear”.

Zelensky calls Putin a “predator” (Europa Press/Archive)

“If anyone thinks it’s just about Ukraine, they are wrong (…) If we have to fight Putin together in the coming years, isn’t it better to end him and his war tactics now? ” He asked. .Also he also emphasized that Ukraine is “that opportunity” to prevent “disaster”.

Zelensky also took advantage of his intervention to rebuke his colleagues for stressing the need not to escalate tensions over Ukraine before and after the February 24, 2022 invasion. He regretted that this gave Putin a reason to continue his campaign.

“Every ‘do not escalate’ to us sounded like ‘you will prevail’ to Putin. We asked for new types of weapons and the answer was ‘not fast’ (…) A Russian missile fell on NATO territory; “The answer was again ‘do not escalate,’ but at that time a retaliatory strike could have taught Russia a lot and added much-needed confidence to the West,” he said.

“The full force of sanctions could force Putin to make concessions. Time was wasted due to ‘not taking steps’. “Many of our most experienced warriors lost their lives,” he said.

Thus, he criticized that many of these sanctions have been delayed for “months” and “even years” due to “Moscow’s threats”, which have subsequently not been carried out. And while he has welcomed the sanctions imposed, he has wondered how he could be happy if Russian missiles contained “Western components”.

Zelensky said Putin is “the sole reason for the persistence of many wars and conflicts” (Europa Press).

“It is a clear weakness of the West that the Russian nuclear industry is still not subject to global sanctions Putin is the only terrorist in the world who took a nuclear power plant hostage.he pointed out.

Similarly, he called on his partners to be brave and allow frozen Russian assets to be used for Ukraine’s defense and reconstruction by 2024. Zelensky said, “Putin loves money above everything else” and “the more billions he and his cronies lose, the more likely they will regret this war.”

On the other hand, he warned how negative it would be for Ukraine to stop the conflict, recalling that this had already happened in the Donbass region in 2014, leading to the annexation of Crimea. “There were very influential people in that process,” he said, pointing out without mentioning “the then chancellor of Germany.” Angela Merkeland “President of France.”

In the same way, Zelensky highlights the work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the warHe highlighted that against all odds, they had repelled several Russian invasions. According to him, this response should be enough for Kiev’s partners to continue supplying them with the weapons they need.

Zelensky highlights the work of the Ukrainian military during the Russian invasion (Europa Press/Archive)

“We must achieve air superiority for Ukraine, just as we have achieved superiority in the Black Sea. We can do this. Partners know what is required and in what quantity,” he said.

Zelensky concluded his speech by stressing the need not to ease pressure against Putin, as doing so would prolong the conflict. “Investing in Defender makes the war shorter,” he commented.

And he concluded: “The war will end with a just and stable peace. I want you to be a part of this peace right now. We need them to build, rebuild and restore our lives in Ukraine. “May each of you achieve even more success with Ukraine.”

(With information from Europa Press)

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