5 wellness retreats that help you focus: from finding peace, quitting smoking or knowing yourself better

The months of March and April are a time to relax: once the New Year arrives, excitement increases. purposes leads to fatigue (and cold too) and many of us need Additional support to continue improvement And we are moving forward day by day.

proposal of withdrawal from welfare This quarter is huge, we will tell you some of the most interesting, it has a wide variety of topics and purposes.

Wellness retreats for different tastes in 2024 and in Spain

All different, but all in relation to nature and respecting the rhythm of each participant.

Breathe and reconnect at Lodge Mallorca

Hotel The Lodge in Mallorca, wonderful 5 stars in the Sierra de Tramuntana.

It is not impossible to find peace among the lavender fields, almond groves, carob trees, ancient olive groves, orchards and fruit trees. Lodge Hotel in MajorcaWonderful 5-star hotel from the Unico Hotel Group in the Sierra de Tramuntana, and just minutes from Playa de Muro and Formentor.

They are preparing for next April 3 days isolationyoga and meditation, giving you precious time to disconnect and recharge in the middle of nature. For relaxation, gastronomy (under the direction of Ramon Freixa), heated pools and relaxation areas, the entire team of The Lodge will be in charge; Expert teachers from @tribe.retreats for meditation and yoga experiences.

Dates: 25 to 28 April, 2024
price: From 1,600 euros (3 nights)
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A purpose-built retreat in Terança Formentera

Morning yoga session in Terança (Formentera).

There’s another paradise to disconnect Teranka, a minimalist and classy hotel Which follows the natural and calm rhythm of Formentera. Its aesthetics transport us between natural luxury, contemporary art and the countercultural heritage of the island, in an environment where, as they say, “you live barefoot.”

This year the hotel has repeated it Essence of Flow Bespoke Retreat, Following the success of the previous edition: it is Transformational and personalized retreats Where guests can create a customized retreat with various experts and take advantage of the elements of nature (land, water and air). Physical work to restore the nervous system with Christophe Koss; Snow bath and nature walk with Matti Castle; boat sailing, sea stories and guided meditations with OPO founder Chris Connors; Or take transformative breathing and stargazing with Anika Lefevre, among other activities.

Dates: From 15th to 19th May. Possibility of other dates for groups.
price: From 328 euros/night
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Masky, a classic with a lot of truth

Maski Yoga Dome (Alicante)

for about 10 years Maski, The Energy House, is one of the reference places to find peace. It is within the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, between Alicante and Valencia and is surrounded by forests and silence. Its owner Sonia Ferre discovered the benefits of yoga, meditation and macrobiotic eating and has since created various programs based on the holistic experience to leave stress behind, feel better, focus or learn more about your body. Have done, which include these programs. 3 to 21 days. The two main activity spaces on this property are spectacular, a beautifully restored 19th century farmhouse, and a yoga dome where many activities take place. It is an igloo-like structure, with transparent canvas windows that enable a connection between body and mind while listening to bird calls or the wind.

You have different programs depending on the main theme and duration, but one of the most interesting is for women Inaaya Retreat. This is a program for women over 40, where they can learn about all the upcoming physical and emotional changes of perimenopause, and thus be able to address them with the most beneficial habits.

Dates: From 25 to 28 April
price: 1,849 euros (full board)
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Comporta’s slow rhythm to regain focus

There is peace around every corner in Almalusa (Comporta).

BehaviourA small fishing village in Alentejo, between the sea and rice fields, is the maximum expression of Portuguese ‘peace’ and how to preserve that essence. This is the wildest and most untouched Portugal And is a perfect destination to recharge your batteries and concentrate. Sofia Brandao has managed to get it back, Manager of Almalusa Hotels who launched it Reset and Recharge Program In his setting in Alentejo, “This is authentic Comporta, of calm and nature.” To do this, they have launched a retreat program led by Caterina Mota, a yoga instructor of over 30 years.

Dates: From March 17th to March 21st. 17th to 21st April 9 to 12 May
price: From 880 Euro (4 days/3 nights, full board)
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Retreat to quit smoking (without suffering) in Cantabria

Cantabrian mansion at Finca Las Bardas where “If you know how it’s easy” courses are held

Will-PowerNo It is the most effective tool when it comes to breaking an addiction, because it also involves suffering. What is really certain is a breaking of ties and a paradigm shift, for example “Quitting smoking is easy”, those responsible for the arrival in Spain of the famous Alan Carr program with which thousands of Spaniards stopped smoking in the 90s Was. Now, he said the method is also put into practice remotely and in person with courses three days in person In his wonderful Cantabrian farm of Las Bardas, in Cú (near Linacres), where, in addition to quitting tobacco, one is taught to use mindfulness techniques in those complex moments.

You too can relax and eat delicious, authentic food, say those who have been there. The satisfaction rate is very high and once you return to your normal home follow-up is done through video calls. .there is also Same course for give up alcoholSomething that more and more women do, as we already told you in TELVA.

Dates: Take place every month, the next one will be from February 29 to March 3.
price: From 195 euros (depending on whether mindfulness and accommodation part is added or not)
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