6 factors that predict you’ll live a healthy and happy life, according to Harvard University

we all know robert waldingerCurrent director of the largest study human happiness manufactured by Harvard University It has been collecting data from about a thousand people for more than 80 years. But, its guidelines have already been reviewed by different experts. One of them, George Valiant, “When the study started, no one cared sympathy or affection, But key of a healthy aging there are relationshipsRelationships, relationships,” he says. Vaillant is an expert on healthy aging Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School Also director of research at Brigham Hospital. Your book good old age is a pioneering work in the study of the relationship between longevity and happiness, Renowned psychiatrist, expert on well-being and satisfaction in adulthood and old age, explains 6 Factors That Predict Whether a Person Will Have a Healthy Age,

6 Factors That Predict Healthy Aging According to Harvard

6 factors which determines healthy aging They serve as predictors of healthy and happy longevity. they are all accessible to anyone Those who want to improve their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how old you are. We always have time to improve things. The more factors, the more possibilities To live a long and happy life. These are the suggestions a Harvard professor gave the university’s graduates when he asked them what they could do to make sure happy aging,

  1. train your intelligence face difficult situations, Vaillant explains, “Life is not easy. Terrible things happen to everyone. You have to take care of yourself.” Humour – emotionGive something of yours to others, do Friend who are younger than you, learn new things and have fun,
  2. behave yourself SelflessIt is your passport to happy and healthy aging throughout your life.
  3. Yes do you smoke, stop doing that. don’t even consume Liquor In large quantities or in a way that makes you feel ashamed of yourself.
  4. be physically active: Walking, running, mowing the lawn, playing tennis or golf. And don’t forget to take care of yourself weight,
  5. find one stable couple This is important before the age of 50 because it helps you develop deep, quality relationships.
  6. continue on always training, as long as your intelligence allows it. Then, when you retire, stay creativeDo things you haven’t done before and learn to play again.


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