After three procedures, Megan Fox got the breasts she dreamed of

Injections, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, Megan Fox has revealed her various interventions without any taboo.

When invited to participate in the podcast, the American actress gave a no-holds-barred answer about the various cosmetic surgery operations she has undergone.

37-year-old Megan Fox has changed a lot during her career and does not hesitate to resort to cosmetic surgery to change her body. Injections, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty… She multiplied the interventions to sculpt the figure and face that she wanted more than anything. guest on podcast call her daddy , she explains that as a little girl, she would look in the mirror to see where her chest was. The actress adds, “I always wanted big breasts.”

The latter recalls her journey: “I have had fake breasts since I was 21 or 22. I added them again between the first and second transformer, before specifying that she had opted for something much quieter “because at the time, everyone used it but couldn’t figure it out”. But ultimately dissatisfied, she decided to do it a second time after breastfeeding (her) babies (The actress is a mother of three boys, editor’s note) Because (she) does not know where (her) breast has gone, but it has gone there. Finally, she reveals the third and final intervention, recent because being too thin, “we could see the implants fluctuate”. For a total of $30,000 or about €28,000.

“They’re not even that big. This is 85D.

During the interview, Megan Fox also explained not to overdo the interventions as her body does not react well to anesthesia and it remains a risk. “When I had to go in for this operation, I said to myself, ‘Listen, if you’re going to put me to sleep, if I’m going to be sick for two months because of general anesthesia… we better get on with it. Waking up with the biggest tits you can put in my body.” And the surgeon says that’s what he did. And they’re not even that big. It’s an 85D, which is not that big, but it has an effect on my body because I have a small body.”

actress ofspend4bals Further stating that if she could have chosen to have even more gorgeous breasts, she would have done so: “I said to myself: ‘I want a reward for what I’ve endured – I don’t want to wake up with a B cup. ” It doesn’t make any sense (…) I don’t care what’s in fashion, give me 1990s stripper nipples.”

Megan Fox in 2004.

On the facial side, here too Megan Fox resorted to some minor touch-ups: “I’ve never had any kind of facelift, no lateral eyebrow lift, even though I wanted to! No regular forehead lift, I have never used tension threads. It’s not an ethical issue, but I don’t believe it really works and I’m also afraid that they will interfere when I need a change.” On the other hand, she talks about using injections and Botox. Accepts.

The actress also wanted to address the allegations made against her following her appearance at the Super Bowl after-party, where comments suggested she was unrecognizable due to her sunken cheeks.

Megan Fox in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl after-party on February 11.
Splash News / Splash News /ABACA

And so the fat would have been removed from his previous body. “I’ve never done that. (…) I’m a very thin person and don’t have enough fat on my body or face, so I add this. Before continuing: “Which makes me think I’ve never done liposuction, Haven’t had any body contouring or anything like that.” Megan Fox says it all in great cosmetic surgery confession.

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