Almudena Royo: “Aesthetics have become a commodity in medical society”

Where is the fine line between A? preventive beauty therapy which allows us to age in a more harmonious way created a need In about 40% of the population of Spain? In the eyes of others and many experts, some of those patients/clients did not even need those treatments. The first key to normalizing this reality is always talk to experts With years of experience.

How does a good professional behave when a patient asks him for something related to aesthetic medicine that he thinks would not be the best fit… He explains it and the person insists on it?
As a doctor you should always try to redirect said patient and always remain faithful to your theological principles for the benefit of the patient’s health and harmony. In my case, I would never treat a patient if I did not believe they would improve, and I would respect their health.
Have men lost the shyness or prejudice of entering beauty clinics?
completely. The demand for beauty treatments by men is increasing. In fact, in my daily consultations, I serve an equal percentage of both men and women.
And what are the most common reasons for consultation in aesthetic medicine among men and women?
From my experience, the current population is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that come from treatments that aim to Collagenize, rehydrate and enhance skin barrier protection Against sun exposure and other environmental factors. In this sense we are improving a lot and we are becoming more and more educated about skin care.
However, both men and women between the ages of 30 and 55 are the most demanding Treatment for improving dynamic/static wrinkles And this reduction in grooves or volume In some areas of the face.
Now speaking of aesthetic footprints, are there treatments that may be worse than first thought?
Basically, what we are experiencing is that, even though the treatments done are completely safe, If any of them are abused, they will not stop changing, for a longer time, Facial Morphology. must be treated Further follow-up will be done under medical supervision.
With his years of experience, where does Dr. Royo believe anti-aging aesthetic medicine will evolve?
It is already developing towards a comprehensive treatment Of the patient. That is, a combined treatment, both internally and externally. about this Combine tools optimized for each stage of life and patient needs, with infiltration treatment Which improve the loss of volume and are collagen inducers that compensate for the wear and tear of the cells responsible for maintaining the structural support and firmness of the skin.
Has aesthetic medicine been democratized? Do you think that in a few years it will be rare to find an adult who has never received any treatment?
Aesthetic medicine is becoming a thing The population is increasing and demanding more. This is why aesthetic doctors and dermatologists must filter8 all the new developments that come out, and discard those that do not contribute to slowing down aging in a harmonious way.
If you had to recommend a specific treatment to a middle-aged friend (45-55 years old, with a limited budget, and without any flaw that is more significant than any other flaw), what would you start with?
too much skin glow looks like Those are two very important factors in maintaining a healthy facial appearance and helping the patient become a better version of himself, which also gives him psychological benefits.
I recommend Mix a treatment that helps Improve expression wrinkles with infiltrations that soften them, and with treatment Tone-Evening Laser, Reduce pore size and improve the appearance and radiance of the skin. We can also combine it with a gentle peelingSuperficial/intermediate, for all patients who are not candidates for laser.

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