How to organize your mind and heart to improve your life

Are we what we feel or what we think? Our Brain he is intelligent and Heart crazy? Then how do they work? Idea And this emotionsAre they always related, does each have its own meaning? Whom should we trust most when making decisions? On the other hand, we know very little about the brain, and sometimes our emotions drag us down… We talk about all this in this episode of the ‘Abecedario del Bienstar’ podcast with Dr. Ana Asensio We do.

Ana Asensio (@vidasenpositive_anaasensio) is a psychologist, doctor in neuroscience and mother of a large family. With over 20 years of experience in the profession, she has trained as an expert in Gestalt psychotherapy, evolutionary development, language and transpersonal therapy, mindfulness, family and autism. She founded the Juan Martos autism-specific school, the ‘Agenda’ psychology and guidance center, and is the director of the ‘Positive Lives’ project, among many other things Because this woman seems to be tireless.

He has recently published ‘Neurofelicidad’ (Roca Editoria/Penguin), where he invites us to discover the power of brain chemistry to improve life. In his work he has revealed that although the brain is very Intelligent, He’s really not as smart as he thinks. That is why he assures that it is in our power to ensure that our mind does not overpower us.

Journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea with Ana Asensio during the recording of the podcast ‘Abacedario del Bienstar’.


Recording, editing and composition: Iñigo Martín Siordia and Blanca Nava.

Coordination: Andrea Moran.

Interview and production: Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolia.

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All episodes of ‘Abecedario del Bienstar’ can be found on the main audio platforms, such as Spotify, Ivoox, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Podimo. They are also available on YouTube.

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