Salburua’s health and civic centers also come together to promote neighborhood well-being

Salburua’s health and civic centers also come together to promote neighborhood well-beingdna file

The city council of Vitória and Osakidtza is going to expand from next week to salburua Their support so that the primary care professional at the neighborhood health center advise Go to the Civic Centre.

This initiative, Launching in Zabalgana in May 2023, It has been successful, with fifty people undertaking activities to improve their physical and mental health.

As NOTICIAS DE LAVA announced almost two weeks ago, the next Friday 1 March Regardless of the schedule, delivery of prescriptions will begin in the Salburua neighborhood by medical and nursing staff It is open to any health professional The outpatient clinic can do this.

The ‘recipe’ that is given in Zabalgana.

an extensive career

The network of civic centers in the city has a long history of collaborating with and implementing neighborhood health centers Activities aimed at improving health of the population.

In Judimendi, Arana, Arriaga, Ibiondo, Iparralde, Hegolde, El Pilar, Texagoritxu, Ghazalbid, Casco Medieval and Lacua. has been developing for years Various initiatives. From the presence of socio-cultural facilitators in health centers to providing information about civic centers’ activities beneficial for health, to healthy recipes and walks, to the prevention of children’s health or the fight against unwanted loneliness.

Often, these initiatives are the result of joint work carried out in each neighborhood network. All the groups that work in it.

Along these lines, the City Council and Osakidetza took another step forward nine months ago with its implementation in Zabalgana collaborative program through which primary care professionals they write the town centre.

“As simple as it sounds, medical or nursing personnel, but also physical therapy or mental health personnel, tell their patients to go to the civic center and with it a recipe Which indicates the type of activity that is most suitable for them,” explained the counselor at the Open Government and Civic Center this Friday, Look at Fernandez de Landa.

in that recipe, Health workers mark the area(s) in which each person should work: Physical activity, emotional well-being, food, culture or encounter.

The ‘Wellness Point’ of Zabalagana Civic Centre.

‘Wellness Point’

pilot experience Had given good result And fifty people have already arrived at the Civic Center Get information and see what activities can help them To get better health both physically and mentally. The rating is very satisfactory By the groups and people who are making it possible and benefiting from it, as outlined by the City Council.

In Zabalgana, it was a doctor who expressed the desire for cooperation in the civic center, transferring the group’s wishes “Set Civic Center”,

The idea was fully welcomed by the city council and prescriptions were immediately designed and printed – similar to those used to write medicines – and so-called. ‘Wellness Point’ in the living room Civic Centre, which serves these people from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Watch Fernandez de Landa in the new ‘Wellness Point’.

Let’s do it

“We had to make arrangements to receive these people from the health centre, so we set up a place where we could listen to them and see them Requirements and present them Information and guidance All about the wide range of activities that we offer in civic centres. We must take into account that health problems, sometimes they do not necessarily have a health origin, but rather they are social, and there we also do important work in our network of centers, ”Fernández de Landa highlighted.

“The origins of health problems are sometimes not entirely health-related, but social, and we do important work there too.”

Look at Fernandez de Landa. Councilor for Open Government and Civic Centers

Once the activities most suitable and to their liking have been agreed with each person, they are offered compatible They have to start with them and evaluate after some time to check whether they have succeeded or whether they like the new experiences.

In this quest to improve health and well-being, months of experience in Zabalgana have proven Not everyone who gets a prescription goes to the Civic Centre, But those who do this face problems like loneliness and anxiety, wrong diet or lack of exercise.

As a result, the civic center in the western part of the city has adapted part of its proposal to meet these specific needs. It also highlights that there is a prominent profile among those attending: More than half are women between 40 and 60 years of age. And many of them are unaware of the wide range of activities carried out in civic centres.

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