Sepia photo of Salma Hayek in the 80s

Salma Hayek shared this throwback photo of herself posing with her cousin Arturo.
Instagram @salmahayek

The actress posted a throwback photo from the 1980s on Instagram, in which she is with her cousin Arturo.

Salma Hayek is definitely establishing herself as one of the hottest celebrities on social media. Stories of her vacations, behind-the-scenes stories of her evenings out, selfies with her friends, her husband François-Henri Pinault… she shares almost everything. And very rarely, she reveals pictures of her youth. This time, the actress and producer has shared a very retro picture as it is a dating picture of her and her cousin from the 1980s.

We actually find him sitting next to his cousin Arturo. Dressed in jeans and a short fur coat, she displays a very retro hairstyle, with her hair slicked back with wavy bangs and a quiff across her forehead. In terms of makeup, it is the blush that emerges in full force on her cheeks.

A photo full of nostalgia (we also have the impression that she took the picture from an old photo album) which was appreciated by her community, emphasizing the extreme youth of the actress when one Internet user concluded: “Once beautiful , Forever Beautiful .

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