Adele broke the Internet with the dress she wore and yes, you need one as well this season

Adele has not posted on her Instagram in almost six months. She doesn’t really have to do this, because she is Adele and his presence is felt regardless of the selfies frequent dress. His talent basically transcends any filter, anyway. Of course, when he decided to go to Instagram on his birthday to greet their … Read more

The reactions of the internet to see Selena Gomez without hair

The reactions of the internet to see Selena Gomez without hair Last week, the singer broke the internet when one of his followers had transformed her long hair into a pixie cut by means of a few photos that circulated on the web. [email protected] shared her new look on her Instagram story. ? — … Read more

Joe Keery has cut her hair to “bowl” and the Internet has not liked anything – News series

The actor and american musician is best known for playing Steve Harrington in ‘Stranger Things’, the fiction of the success of Netflix. Netflix Joe Keery, the actor that gives life to Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, has cut her hair -rather pelazo – and the fans haven’t liked anything. The court of discord made his … Read more

Kanye West was the MOST rude, with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and the internet explodes

lmao now why I ain’t kiss her back ? — trey 〽️ (@trey_forde) February 17, 2020 One of the theories of the advocates of the rapper is that it is a person that rarely likes to show affection in public and being in front of everyone, he didn’t know how to act and he … Read more

Miley Cyrus destroys your Internet presence and achieve an important nominacin. Congratulations!

Miley Cyrus it is one of the figures that ms recognized and representative of the american pop. With his jump to fame after starring in “Hannah Montana”, the girl from Tennessee has won the heart of the generation millennial. And this year, in which we are going through a cruel social time, with so many … Read more

Webby Awards 2020: John Krasinski, Miley Cyrus, Spotify, NASA, Houseparty, Jimmy Fallon among the winners of the “Oscars of the internet” | Awards of the Internet

This process of confinement and quarantine has meant that our digital consumption grows tremendously. During these weeks, the streaming platforms have grown, but also the creation of content from networks. And some of these are deserving of a prize, due to the quality of your content. Since 1997, the International Academy of Digital Arts and … Read more

Ignacia Michelson challenge to Instagram and mesmerising to internet users

Santiago de Chile, Chile.- The model chile, Ignacia Michelsonthrough your account Instagram I shared an eye-catching photo in which it is left to see in without sostn before the chamber. In the instant it is observed to the celebrity showing off their charms in the rear with a suffocating pantaln of leather, which called the … Read more