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Leading for Wellbeing: Health for All

In the digital age of the 21st century, conversations about well-being have taken on unprecedented importance. The demands of modern life have brought us to a point where we recognize the importance of taking care of our mental and emotional health. In this context, the figure of the Chief Wellbeing ... Read more

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Scientific research shows that “acquaintances” are as important to emotional well-being as friends and family.

in this news human life It is full of different types of relationships: LoveOf Work, Relativeand many others who weave densely interaction network What defines and shapes us. In this network, we usually highlight friends and family as the greatest exponents of support and affection. However, recently scientific investigation Challenging ... Read more

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They offer work at home and pay in dollars

Canada has a tool for locals and foreigners to find work more easilyEuropa Press Many companies in Canada have recently started offering different jobs for people who are fully fluent in the Spanish language, both written and spoken. Similarly, they should also have a good command over English. per week ... Read more

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