How to telework in a healthy way for your well-being

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With the arrival of Corona virus, teleworking became an option.
become part of our daily routine, finding a new way to cope with your working life without ever setting foot in the office. At first it was a dream for many people, but if not managed correctly and in a healthy way, it can be your worst nightmare in the long run.

Like everything in life, this situation also has its advantages and disadvantages, and writing down a series of tricks can make the whole process easier
more profitable way, Learn to manage your time, space, and work relationships to increase productivity and personal well-being.

The key to good teleworking

space organization: is key. Try to make it as similar as possible to an office situation, where you have a nice table and a desk chair that allows you to be comfortable during your working day. If you can, place it in a spot in the house that gets natural light and, above all, avoid sofas and beds.

establish a routine: As if you were going to leave the house. That is, get up, take a bath and get dressed, just like on a day when you had to go out to work. With this, your mind will not think that you are at home, but in a real office. During the day, it is also advisable to take breaks and do some active stretching.

Plan and communicate tasks: Teleworking does not mean being isolated from the outside world. Stay in touch with your coworkers, whether through calls or chat applications, thereby organizing teamwork and distributing each person’s tasks.

do physical activity: It’s important whether you telework or not, but especially if you do. Sports are a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it also makes your body feel healthy. You can do this during breaks, or both before and after the day.

don’t compromise: Sometimes the fact of being at home all day, can play havoc with us if we do not manage it properly. Feelings of loneliness or getting used to it and going out less and less can have very harmful consequences of teleworking.

reduce device usage: Being glued to a computer all day, it is recommended that you limit screen usage except for work. Especially before sleeping, as this can significantly reduce the quality of your rest.

Nutritious food: Don’t be one of those people who waste their time ordering food or end up eating anything without cooking. Moreover, spending some time in the kitchen can be very beneficial. This allows you to stand up for a while, which is always recommended, and take your eyes off the computer. Take advantage of playing some music while you do this, and you will see how you enjoy that moment of disconnection.

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