The belly exercises a trainer suggested to me that got me a toned stomach in 6 weeks are not abs

Obsessed with abs, there are still many women who are determined to do many different types of abdominal exercises to achieve scores, the more the better and every day. six pack Or, at least, control the bulging belly and keep it flat. For all of them, one basic tip: Understand that having a functioning midfield is a This is a much more important issue for our health (especially from behind) that appearance Aesthetics avoid unpleasantness and improve your relationship with your body.

Starting from there, you are interested in understanding the ins and outs of the muscles that are part of the core as well as the most important partners that should also be taken into account when working on the abs. “I’ve seen a lot of frustration among women who are looking for six pack Because they already start from the wrong place. but they don’t know about it How are the abductors related to the abdominals or how are the deep muscles activated? Nor do they have motor control during training,” says trainer and author Alvaro Puche. Strength Training for Seniors (Amat).

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5 exercises that change the gut

instead of doing KurkureAlvaro Puche recommends 5 exercises that can be done both at home and in the gym,

  1. Gluteus Medius Side Plank, On the floor, on your side, with the knee and hand closest to the floor, keep your hip high and in line with the knee and hold the position in the isometric exercise for 25/30 seconds. In this case, the trainer refers to the activation of deep muscles other than a portion of the gluteus. “The gluteus medius enters the force transfer and stabilization system, you have to pay attention to its activation.”
  2. Lying on the back puts pressure on the knees, This is a kind of dead bug variation in which the back rests completely on the ground, the feet are elevated and the knees are bent at 90 degrees and the hands rest on the thighs. This involves applying pressure in the opposite direction between the arms and legs while activating the abdominals, drawing the abdomen back (to the floor). It is an exercise in which motor coordination is important and despite its apparent simplicity, it is not easy to maintain it stably without losing concentration.
  3. plank at three points (And row when physical condition permits). In this case, the legs are extended to compensate for the lack of support from the elbows. When motor control is good, you can lift a weight (or work a pulley) to perform a rowing movement with your arm in the air. Important, change the supporting elbow and maintain the isometric exercise on each side for 25/30 seconds.
  4. Monster walk. In this case, the instructor advocates changing the point of action and, instead of placing an elastic band on the legs that allows us to concentrate work on the glutes as well as the abdominals, let’s place the resistance at shoulder height. (with a pulley) or elastic band attached to a fixed point to work the abdomen). In this case, the obliques will be forced to stabilize the core, so you will have to repeat the exercise with each side.
  5. Puli sits with a ball between her legs, This is for advanced level of motor control. If this is not the case, you can introduce it a little later to avoid damaging your abdominal belt. It involves holding a weight (with a pulley instead of dumbbells) in front of your head with your arms extended while holding a ball between your thighs, just above your knees. This accessory allows you to engage the abductor, which is closely related to the work of the abdominals and, once you incorporate it into the training, it gives more coverage to the routine, improving overall function. Which is definitely worth noting.

flat stomach in 6 weeks

Once I incorporated these exercises into a full body routine three days a week, the diet changed significantly. fried out, battered and ultra processed This was replaced by fresh seasonal foods, which contained lots of protein, in comparison to which I began to notice a difference Kurkure Which he had done earlier.

The practice represented a change and challenge when it came to working, it was no longer doing the same things as usual, but Something different that tests you on other levels, especially posture and motor control, which, according to Álvaro Puche, are basic before starting training. hips in neutral position, concentration on the muscles you want to work… 6 weeks have passed and, in addition to being Lost several kilos of weight along the wayThe stomach is flatter and more toned, but there is also less back pain Kurkure It’s easy to hurt yourself) and it’s an accomplishment you don’t expect and that changes your life for the better.


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