These are the foods that increase semen quality and improve fertility

Anchovies are a good source of vitamin D. Easing Studio – Food Photo © GTRESONLINE

8 to 12% of couples of reproductive age worldwide have difficulty conceiving and 40 to 50% of infertility cases are due to male factors.


Bad eating habits also affect the fertility of men. Thus, a recent study from Rovira and Virgili University (URV), published in “Human Reproduction Open” in early February, concluded that consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with poor sperm quality.

In particular, men whose energy consumption is based on 30% Ultra-processed foods have a higher risk of altering sperm quality.

Foods such as fast food, high-sugar products, soft drinks, fried or pre-cooked frozen foods are already known for their low nutritional quality and their ability to rapidly alter semen quality. Now, eating non-recommended foods occasionally doesn’t mean you won’t be able to parent. But, What are the foods that increase semen quality? And, therefore, the chances of having a child?

“It is a question of habits, not just certain foods,” emphasizes Marta Antich, founder of Fertilab Barcelona and scientific director and embryologist specializing in fertility.

Experts highlight three types of nutrients that enhance male fertility and what foods should be consumed to get them. is one of them DHA type Omega 3.

“It is very common to see a deficiency of this type of fatty acid, and we must bear in mind that it has many benefits for the sperm membrane,” he explains.

Omega 3 is found in foods like Blue fish or olive oil. Antich advises to “go for small fish e.g.” mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines and Shellfish Like an oyster.”

Other types of nutrients that Antich recommends are Antioxidant. “Sperm have to go through complex processes and be able to move smoothly to be able to successfully fertilize, which is why many vitamins are needed,” says Antich, who recommends eating foods high in antioxidants like fruits. Recommend consumption of substances. especially Orange, red vegetables, broccoli or avocado.

Fertility experts also shed light on the consumption of ripe tomatoes, They are rich in lycopene, a protein that has many benefits for the prostate.

Finally, Antich recommends taking Mineral. If the diet is good, it is not necessary to take supplements, although “many times we have to face cases of deficiency of a mineral such as magnesium,” emphasizes the expert.

Taking good quality sea salt, drinking and cooking with seawater is one way to get all the minerals you need, such as zinc, magnesium or selenium.

Determining the percentage of infertility cases due to poor diet “is very complex, because factors such as pollution and other bad habits can also influence it,” such as stress or a sedentary lifestyle.

However, Antich revealed that “there are many cases of substantial improvement after making small changes, which shows us that Yes, there are habits that have the potential to improve reproductive health.Says the scientific director of the Barcelona clinic.

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